“The Sopranos” Star Jamie-Lynn Sigler Battle with MS

In this interview in People Magazine, the actress, who has just married her fiancé of almost three years, pro baseball player Cutter Dykstra, opens up about her battle with multiple sclerosis (MS).

“I wasn’t ready until now,” Sigler says of revealing her illness. “You’d think that after all these years, somebody would be settled with something like this, but it’s still hard to accept.”

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, now with 34, was diagnosed with 20 years old.

“I can’t walk for a long period of time without resting. I cannot run. No superhero roles for me,” she says, laughing. “Stairs? I can do them but they’re not the easiest. When I walk, I have to think about every single step, which is annoying and frustrating.”

Read full article: http://bit.ly/1nJgxbU

Learn more about multiple sclerosis here: http://bit.ly/1PBLn0c

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