Last Week’s Hot Topic on Multiple Sclerosis


Last week’s hot topic on Multiple Sclerosis was about an Individual with PPMS Sharing His Experience of Undergoing Stem Cell Therapy written by Alisa Woods.

The article focused on Geoff Flynn, 42, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) two and a half years ago. As unsettling as that diagnosis was, more troubling — both then and now — were the five long years of struggle it took for him to get a proper evaluation as to the cause of his neurological symptoms.

Thanks to Geoff Flynn, we now have an inside window to how it is to undergo stem cell therapy.

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  1. Eddie Nash says:

    Here is a blog by a gentleman who received HSCT and as you will see has had rather a good recovery from his MS! The disease that doctors will tell you is impossible to cure(my word) or technically place into remission on a VERY LONG TERM basis. Dr Burt has been doing this for 30 years. YES THIRTY YEARS:

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