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10 Benefits of Having a Service or Therapy Dog When You Have MS


Service dogs are typically thought of as necessary companions for the visually impaired, but service and therapy dogs can be a practical solution for people with a variety of chronic illnesses.

As well as being a trusted friend, service dogs can expand owners’ motor abilities, granting them new independence and allowing them to get more out of life. Here are just a few benefits of having a service dog, according to,, the Lung Institute, and

Wheelchair Assistance
Service dogs can be trained to pull wheelchairs and to help wheelchairs up ramps and onto sidewalks. They can also help their owner move in and out of the wheelchair.

Anxiety Relief
Having a chronic illness can bring about many emotional and mental health problems. The calming nature of service and therapy dogs can help ease anxiety and petting dogs is known to release endorphins and reduce stress.

Retrieve Items
Service dogs can help chronic disease patients by picking up dropped items and fetching items from other rooms, a vital service for someone who may find getting around difficult and painful.

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Lowers Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
There is evidence that stroking a dog and sitting next to a dog lowers blood pressure and heart rate. The soothing effects of their body heat may also help with pain relief.

Improved Balance
Walking with a service dog can help people with chronic diseases who have trouble with their balance. The dogs can also help prop their owners in place to prevent falls.

Good Distraction
Looking after a service dog gives people something to focus on other than their illness. It can help patients develop positive routines and force them to get up and go out.

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Service dogs, like all dogs, need exercise, so having a service dog encourages owners to get some exercise each day.

Attract Attention
If you need help but are unable to draw attention yourself, your service dog will be able to bark loudly to attract attention from passersby or neighbors.

Promote Communication
Dogs have been known to help promote communication and often prompt conversation from strangers when out and about.

Help Around the House
Therapy dogs are able to help people around the house with simple tasks such as answering the doorbell, retrieving medication, opening and closing doors, and switching lights on and off.

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  1. Lorraine Apana says:

    Can you assist me with training? Have a 4 month old German Shepherd. Very sweet boy but do not know who to contact. Please assist I Have MS since 1995. Walk with Walker and cane. Thank You. Lorraine Apana

  2. Janice Golding says:

    my MS was showing 4 years b4 I had a real problem but driving a Truck requires your full attention and is High Stress. I Started out with one eye going black as I say ( nothing could be seen out of it at all ) and once the meds made it better the other eye did the same thing ( with in 2 weeks ) then nothing for 4 years then DX in 2013 of MS and my MS doctor didn’t put it together but I have and its been a long hard fight so far and more to come

  3. Adriane Day says:

    It should be noted that Therapy Dogs serve more than one person and do not have the same public access rights as a service dog does. Therapy dogs are invited to businesses and must be certified. Where service dogs do not have to be certified and serve only one person with disabilities. They are allowed to accompany you anywhere you go.

  4. Carolyn says:

    I was diagnosed in 2017. My physical therapy really helped but i have bad balance problems. As well as losing my dog companions to my ex boyfriend who couldn’t handle my MS I so feel besides helping my MS it would help my severe depression. Thank you ever so much, Caroline

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