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Ocrelizumab for Treating MS Patients


In this video from the Healthcare Channel, Dr. Jerry S. Wolinsky talks about the results of an Ocrelizumab (Ocrevus) clinical trial for primary-progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS) patients.

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The neurologist, from the University of Texas Health Service Center in Houston, begins by explaining the difference between relapsing MS and progressive MS and that women tend to have the relapsing form and men the progressive form. Until recently, medications and treatments have only worked for relapsing MS.

Ocrelizumab is a monoclonal antibody that targets B-cells, and is the first approved treatment for the use in PPMS. Wolinsky talks about two published papers on the comparison of Ocrelizumab and interferon for relapsing MS and the effectiveness of Ocrelizumab in slowing down the progression of PPMS.

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  1. Milo buck says:

    What informations is available about Ocrevus and PML? And likelihood if Tysabri was used in the past? What washout period is advised or should AB titers be more closely monitored? What is the protocol?
    Lastly, can steroids be used concurrently with Ocrevus for a relapse?

  2. Lois says:

    I’ve been waiting since Ocrevus was approved in March for my insurance to approve it. Meanwhile I’m steadily losing mobility.
    Is there a patient assistance program that might provide this expensive new medication to me? Any info would be most appreciated..!

  3. another says:

    Sorry but I really don’t know where this “neurologist” gets the findings where women “tend” to have the relapsing and men have progressive type, my partner in her early 20s has the progressive and I know other women who have progressive type, think you need to dig a huge bit deeper to find your findings out on relapsing and progressive!!

  4. Mike * 29 year MS patient says:

    3 different neurologist, well known and trusted disagree with the use of this medication!
    OCRERVUS it’s too new and has no background history with the final results of any patients!
    OCRERVUS has been over advertised in an effort to raise the stock prices $$$ with NO PROVEN results long term for any patient!
    Stay away ! Stay away ! Stay away!

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