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Jamie-Lynn Sigler Opens Up About Using Walking Sticks for MS


The Sopranos’ actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler only recently shared that she’s been living with multiple sclerosis for 15 years, choosing to remain quiet about her health out of fear that it would affect her career. Following her announcement, she won the support of multiple sclerosis sufferers all over the world and is now an advocate for the disease.

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According to Self magazine, Sigler is using her social media accounts to highlight what it’s like living with the disease and recently shared that she’s now using walking sticks to get around. In an Instagram post, she admits that she hated having to buy the walking sticks, concerned that there was a stigma associated with having a disability. In a bid to overcome the stigma and to be able to enjoy her trip to Jerusalem, she proudly displayed herself with her new sticks and urged others to do whatever they needed to do to continue to enjoy life.

She also spoke of her need to better cope emotionally with having multiple sclerosis and that she was undergoing hypnotherapy. Trying to hide the disease from the public eye for so long has obviously taken its toll and she’s now ready to set herself free from the feelings of shame and embarrassment that haunted her before.

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    • Lorri Redmon says:

      This med is great for some and not for others. One of the difficulties in MS is getting a treatment that works for you. Trial and error is the way. AND these meds help to slpw progression, not stop or cure it. Our symptoms still can show or flare on occasion.

    • Stacy says:

      Most likely, she is dealing with damage already done (lesions) in her brain or brain stem or even spinal cord.
      There is NO CURE (YET) FOR MS! Every disease modifying drug (DMD) that has been formulated is to STOP THE PROGRESSION of the disease.
      However and unfortunately, MS is a chronic, incurable and insidious disease that CAN be slowed down, if not halted. Too early to see long term results.

      • Dot says:

        These MS drugs to not stop the progression of the disease…they merely slow it down. I’ve had MS for 21 years since diagnoses.

        • Julie says:

          I’m glad someone brought this up. I’ve run into so many newly diagnosed that complain that they don’t feel any better since taking the meds. Don’t drs explain to them that they only slow the progression?

    • JMarie says:

      I don’t think I understand your reply. Anyone with MS knows that regardless of medication, sometimes we all have setbacks.

  1. CatSam says:

    I would love more info on walking sticks. I know the ones used for hiking but are these bought through medical supply companies?

  2. Elayne Brown says:

    I was missed diagnosed now I have PPMs I have to walk with a cane I don’t want to be in a wheelchair so I try to keep going a with Gods help sometimes it is hard to be strong but I wish U well don’t hide it and don’t be ashamed

  3. Reezie says:

    Does she have children? I chose not to in fear of progression since most women get worse after childbirth. Just curious

  4. I recently published a book about canes. It’s Crooks and Canes: Bible, Bebop and Beyond. Lots of info and lots of pictures. Colorful and an easy reader. Actually fascinating. I’ve had MS for a while.(diagnosed 1996!) Good luck, Jo

  5. Larry Brewer says:

    Jamie try the L-300 from Bioness, you probably won’t have to use a cane to walk. It’s been a miracle for me. I had MS for 13 years, and I just spent a hour mowing the yard. Which I could not do to leg weakness.

  6. Dawn Kibbey says:

    I have only had MS for 3 years. I’m 58 yrs and so far no progression but I have pain from my waist down. It gets hard living with burning pain all the time. Does she have pain or does anyone use anything different from Gabapentin for pain?

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