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8 Tips for Dealing With the Heat When You Have Multiple Sclerosis


Many people living with multiple sclerosis find that their symptoms become more pronounced when they’re subjected to heat. With summer in full swing, many people with the condition will experience a temporary worsening of symptoms. (The same can happen if the person takes a bath or shower that’s too hot.) According to, the symptoms affected could include blurred vision, fatigue, tremors, numbness, cognitive abilities, and general weakness. Thankfully, the symptoms ease off when the weather cools down.

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According to the National MS Society, there are ways those living with MS can help relieve heat sensitivity, including:

  • Installing air conditioning (which may be tax deductible if recommended by your doctor)
  • Staying indoors in extremely hot weather
  • Wearing cooling products such as cooling vest, bandanas, and neck wraps
  • Drinking icy drinks or eating popsicles
  • Exercising in a cool swimming pool (under 85ºF)
  • Exercising outdoors in the early morning or late evening
  • Exercising indoors with fans or air conditioning
  • Taking a cool bath or shower

Some people may find that if heat becomes too much of a problem, moving to an area with a more suited climate is the only way to find relief.

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One comment

  1. charles says:

    because of my multiple sclerosis, i have trouble dealing with the heat. sometimes on a really hot day i put on substantial ankle weights and go for a long walk. i’m not suggesting that strategy is right for others, but i just don’t feel like taking any crap from my heat intolerance.

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