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Jamie-Lynn Sigler Opens Up About Using Walking Sticks for MS


The Sopranos’ actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler only recently shared that she’s been living with multiple sclerosis (MS) for 15 years, choosing to remain quiet about her health out of fear that it would affect her career. Following her announcement, she won the support of multiple sclerosis sufferers all over the world and is now an advocate for the disease.

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According to Self magazine, Sigler is using her social media accounts to highlight what it’s like living with the disease and recently shared that she’s now using walking sticks to get around. In an Instagram post, she admits that she hated having to buy the walking sticks, concerned that there was a stigma associated with having a disability. In a bid to overcome the stigma and to be able to enjoy her trip to Jerusalem, she proudly displayed herself with her new sticks and urged others to do whatever they needed to do to continue to enjoy life.

She also spoke of her need to better cope emotionally with having multiple sclerosis and that she was undergoing hypnotherapy. Trying to hide the disease from the public eye for so long has obviously taken its toll and she’s now ready to set herself free from the feelings of shame and embarrassment that haunted her before.

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  1. Louse Kioke says:

    Have a motto
    “Adapt and Overcome”
    Today is a bad day for me.😢 Usually I don’t let it get to but some days i just want my tea and sit and cry. After that i shake it off and move one. I have MS since 2004 i was functal person and you wouldn’t know unless i told you. Within the last 2 years it got worse. Fitst a beautiful cane then a walker now I use a wheelchair! Lucky me. I feel good just talking about and people say oh Louise i can understand how you feel. I want to shout no you don’t!! I know they’re trying to he sweet and understand. So i just smile and say thank you.
    I very well educated was extremely active but know i need care. That’s upsetting to me. Anyway have a fantastic day Jamie.
    In Friendship

  2. Denise Wiegand says:

    I have MS but unfortunately can no longer work due to my cognitive and other symptoms. I use a stick when necessary. It’s a life changer. Go with the stick, or cut out early. That’s a no brainer.

  3. S Fryc says:

    Go on with the walking stick..: this is my 15th year with MS and I triy to use the Walkingstick as often as I can. I get comments like, it looks like I’m Moses. I just reply back saying I am Moses. We just have to have strong positive attitude’s for ourselves. Keep moving forward:)

  4. Donna Mcfarland says:

    Ohhh my goodness, it so saddens me to read these comments. Long story short,I was dx’ed in 89’& given a virtual death sentence. Dr. Roy Laver Swank,, saved my life with his one of a kind program. Going forward, I started a group to teach his scientifically determined program. It costs-nothing. It involves zero drugs. As his patient, he told me “it is almost NEVER too late to stop the progress of this disease with this program.” A specific low fat diet, lots of restorative rest, stress reduction. In a nutshell, i’m 28 years into it, having had only one exacerbation in ALL these years. No one can see that I have this disease. I take no drugs now, and never have. Check him out…and join our group if you want to know more. The Swank MS Diet and Lifestyle group on FB.

  5. Hi. My name is Janet. I am curious about using walking sticks. I do have a walker and cane, but they do not go well with walking on the grass or gravel. I am actually afraid of walking on pavement without an assistive device. Where would I begin, or who would I see about walking sticks.

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