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9 Ways Multiple Sclerosis Affects Your Body From Head to Toe


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic illness that presents many different symptoms since it can affect any part of the human body. While no two people living with MS will experience the same symptoms, according to, there are some more common ways the condition affects the body.

Cognitive issues such as brain fog, memory and concentration problems are common for people living with MS and many experience vertigo or dizziness. In rare cases, patients may also suffer from tremors or seizures.

Vision problems are often one of the first signs of MS. Double vision, blurred vision and eye pain can come on suddenly but in most cases, they are temporary and are due to inflammation of the muscles around the eye and can be rectified with medication.

In rare cases of MS, damage to the brainstem may result in hearing problems or deafness. Again, the majority of cases are temporary but some may suffer permanent damage to hearing.

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  1. Jo Riley says:

    Based on this information & the different symptoms by those with MS, wouldn’t it make sense that the differences may be based on where the lesions in the brain & spinal cord are located. If that can be determined, it may help in knowing what symptoms to expect.

  2. Don says:

    Good article. My only suggestion would be to remove “rarely” and replace with “sometimes”. Conversations with our Doctors and Friends are frustrating enough as it is,having to justify rare symptoms for a relatively uncommon dsease is maddening.

  3. Sue Hagenaar says:

    Are chronic fatigue syndrome and MS similar? I have blurred vision,no energy, vertigo, and finding with impaired concentration, my memory is letting me down and have trouble with conversation and thought flow. Extremely frustrating 😔. Can you please help me.

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