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How JK Rowling Helped Fight Multiple Sclerosis


There are many celebrities who use their status for good causes. Actors and actresses, singers, writers. Some of them are very well-known by everyone, loved and cherished by people of all ages from all over the world and one of them is J.K. Rowling.

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J.K. Rowling is the author famous for her Harry Potter series of books. Rowling’s mom, Anne Rowling, lost her life to multiple sclerosis and that event had a major impact on J.K. as a teenager.

Back in 2010, the author donated £10 million towards the foundation of a new clinic to support patients with multiple sclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases, as well as scientific research for these diseases.

Currently, The Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic is helping to lead the search for an MS therapy.

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  1. Craig Tyler says:

    Clinical trials and studies over the last 20 years demonstrate HSCT to be clearly superior to what they are promoting. MS sufferers would be much better off following the demonstrated science.

    • A says:

      Specifically where is this available? That has successful experience? I ask because I’d rather go where it is commonly treated instead of recreating the wheel

    • Donna says:

      I had HSCT last February and I can honestly say that it has saved my life! I was getting worse every day…fast. Now I get better every day. I’m so mad that our neurologists are telling patients that it’s dangerous and not to do it. It’s a hematogist’s specialty. They don’t know anything about it. It’s been done since the 60’s for Cancer and is done hundreds of times every day all over the world. The mortality rate is less than 1%. The latest drug that starts with an O is 12%!

  2. Christine Vincent says:

    May our Lord bless you for helping us. As you know, the journey is a challenge, I keep trying and love to know there is someone who cares and wants to help

  3. amfmvjjh says:

    George, As a retired physician, I can offer support and encouragement for your friend to keep up the positive attitude. I am confident that all of his buddies will all send their best, but useless, thoughts and prayers. I would hesitate to follow any suggestions from the uneducated, however, and offer this advice with the sincerest appreciation for their intentions. Everybody would like to help but you will find the best help from the specialists who deal with this problem as a matter of routine. Joe has provided excellent information. Encourage your friend to seek expert medical advice at any of the wonderful medical institutions that deal with cancer. The algorithm for managing this condition is relatively straightforward and your friend would be well served to keep an open mind about receiving advice that will likely include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Tom, good words. thanks, george

  4. Denise Piccola says:

    I take ocrevus,and my next infusion will be in June, I hope it helps walking wise and balance,‘‘tis will be my 3rd time on it, lord I 🙏🏻This helps me.

    • Julie says:

      I get my second dose in August I hope I’m one of the lucky ones who respond well and get more mobility back! Inptay for all of us with MS nightly!

  5. Lindsay says:

    Just a weird question, I was told I have MS but they can’t be sure because I haven’t had a second ” episode” makes no sense! I have every symptom there is!

    • Haslie Kemp says:

      Symptoms began in the early 80s and diagnosed positive in 2010 by spinal tap with no lesions in the brain or spine. I have every symptom of MS and my doctor has not recommended any MS modifying drugs. There is now a question if I really have MS or not. I was using a power chair 5 years before diagnose. I was tested for everything before diagnoses. Want to be tested for Myasthenia Gravis and gadolinium toxicity since I have had 15 MRIs with the contrast since 2004. For almost 40 years of symptoms, they have been mild except for few flareups that I am treated with three days of steroids.

      • Julie Burn says:

        HI Haslie,
        I have MS but have also been diagnosed with hereditary neurological pressure palsy,(HNPP). The symptoms are almost identical to that of MS and so is sometimes misdiagnosed. Its a hereditary condition,obviously,so mine comes from my mothers side of the family. my brother and his children have it too. They thought his daughter has MS but through various tests found out its is actually this HNPP. Maybe you could ask to be tested?
        Hope this helps.

  6. John says:

    There was an advertisement recently for a treatment on CBS news saying it is the newest best drug available. Upon watching it on Thursday night I was amazed to see it was only another promotion for Ocrelizumab . There was no mention of the horrendous side effects the research has concluded.

  7. Lynn says:

    I had my 2nd half infusion this past week and I had no horrendous side effects, only side effect was feeling a lot better and hoping it will last.

  8. Beth Walker says:

    I hear you, Donna and pray you’re having continued success post HSCT! I’m interested in HSCT and have followed since dx in 2010-age 56 – the trial criteria age cut off -55-

    2019 (!!) Update:
    -I’m still interested in HSCT- Now 10 yrs later (older!!)
    still fighting-
    -tried every toxic DMD available –
    Current tx: O drug- ( I have had a reduction in falls since Ocrevus-) Amp, Biotin, D3, Probiotics and supplements etc-
    -cont. exercising and PT —rely on walker and a small battery operated EZ cruiser,
    -experience cont. fatigue, balance problems, left side weakness, left foot drop, heat sensitivity, evening spasms-
    (Most Grateful)-
    Great family and friends!
    -Clear, sharp mind,
    -great eyesight,
    -no pain,
    -Continue to eat mindfully and appropriately,
    I’m Interested in speaking to others with similar case as mine: age, S&Ss, health consciousness and determination-
    **-Particularly those who are: post HSCT –
    My Questions:
    1-Did you experience a positive outcome?
    2-When and Where did you have the HSCT procedure?

    Update: I’m aware Northwestern has been performing this trial procedure with success- I was informed the trial age criteria expanded to 58-from 55-
    **Thank you!

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