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Future T-Cell Targeting: Temp Tattoos to Treat MS?


A recent lab study has found a way of inactivating immune T-cells by injecting antioxidant-filled nanoparticles under the skin, which could revolutionize multiple sclerosis treatment in the future — and include a cool bonus.

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The procedure leaves patients with a dark circle on the skin that looks like a tattoo. One scientist suggested that the injection marks, though temporary, could be made in places on the body that can be hidden — or shaped with micropattern needles.

Tests on rat models found the particles removed superoxide from the T-cells which the immune cells use to kill microbes.

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  1. Cynthia Collier says:

    I have had MS for 20 years, having trouble walking with spasticity on left side of body. I will try anything that will address those problems. I am very healthy.

  2. charles says:

    if they can tattoo something into the skin that specifically targets th17 cells, that would be definitely a step in the right direction. something that blocks il23? also a step in the right direction. something that evokes tolerance to myelin antigens? also good. those are three things that researchers really should focus on, and they would all lead the way to better treatments for other diseases, too. or at least they should. it shouldn’t require a tattoo, but whatever.

    • Kelly Fellonneau says:

      Hey Coleen! I have failed 5 drugs too, including the “almighty” Ocrevus. Maybe we should link up and have a chat! PM me in FB, Kelly Fellonneau

      • Crystal Litwaitis says:

        I think I’m failing it also. Not maintaining shit. More tired, weak, energy is at a zero, I even walk slower than before. It sucks. Been on Tysabri, Gilenya & now Ocrevus. I would love something to just work. Disappointed & frustrated.

        • Christina Maria Johnson says:

          I’m the same way ms affected my right side so bad I’m 33 years old and I wear pull ups I would love to try this

        • Kelly Fellonneau says:

          Hey richelle, I am actually talking to another neurologist about Lemtrada now. That is the only end I haven’t tried. Send me a PM and let me know some info on the process if you do t mind. It’s a lot more scary than anything else I have tried.😊

          • Bern says:

            Lemtrada is quite the process to get approved but for the right people it works wonders. I used to work in neurology and helped educate patients on all ms medications

  3. Jaime Johson says:

    Not fully undeestanding. If you get a temporary tatt with a needle they can “fix your T cells? What about of you already have tatoos?

    • Jessica says:

      Its not actually a tattoo it’s a treatment injected under the skin. The particles they are injecting are dark and visible through the skin so it looks like a tattoo. When the particles are absorbed they fade away and so does the “tattoo.” It shouldn’t matter if you already have tattoos.
      I would think you wouldn’t get to get fun designs – this is a medical treatment so I would imagine your doctor just creates a blob under the skin in an inconspicuous place so you can hide it under your clothes. But who knows.

      • Monica Trundle says:

        Agreed, they actually say in the article it’s a black circle.
        For the record, I’m 38. I have PPMS and have been bedbound because of it since I was 31. I would do this in a New York minute because I don’t qualify for any of the other treatments. 🙁

  4. Maribeth says:

    That sounds like the best reason I have heard to get a tattoo! Sign me up! 20 years in what can it hurt? I’ve dealt with giving myself shots until Ocrevis.

  5. Christina says:

    The temp tattoo is an added bonus. Instead of just a round circle from the sounds of it. This sounds awesome hope it is real. I agree I want in on this trial!My nieces have an outrageous chance of having ms.

    • why doo your nieces have a good chance of having ms? I thought they were still doing studies to see if it wad passed down through genetics…..Btw I’m totally down weigh the tattoo/blob, whatever iRy is.

        • Kathy Plasket says:

          I’m totally on board with the tattoo! MS is definitely has a heredity component. I have it and so do both of my daughters.

  6. Dawn says:

    Interesting … 20 years of big pharma drugs has not helped … caused more symptoms … risky … what risk of infection ? What exactly is used .. is it all natural ? Please follow up with the people willing to be guinea pigs … prefer to not mess with my body anymore ..but prayers to those desperate enough to try ..

  7. Diane says:

    I would be more than happy to take part in this! I have 9 tattoos now and have been wanting another and hopefully this could potentially help a lot of people.

  8. Frank says:

    I’ve tried many different drugs. I do have Ink. It’s been 20 + years. I was thinking of all the treatment names as Ink. I’m in to try

  9. Larry says:

    I’m ready I’v had MS for over 20 years I’ll try anything to make my life better hay one more won’t hurt just add to the ones I got now except this one would mean more please let me know 👍

  10. Dannell says:

    Hey I’m game! If there is something, anything that can impove quality of life for us who battle MS why wouldn’t you want to at least try. Plus adding another tattoo to my few I have wouldn’t bother me a bit!

  11. Mary Rendall says:

    I’m totally ready to try this in a clinical trial! Not certain how to go about finding and participating in a trial.

  12. Lisa Bobo says:

    Because I now have the Jc virus active, I have had my last treatment of Lemtrada. I’m better now than I was with Tysabri. But I would try the tattoo prick to get back to near normal. So long as there’s no threat of getting PML, I’d try almost anything.

  13. Jill says:

    Let’s do it…❣ I think most people with MS who have tried many other treatments would….. what do we really have to lose and I’ve always kinda wanted a tat!!!

  14. Leann Jupina says:

    I’m on Tecfidera but still tired all the time. My legs don’t lift as high as they should. I trip on rugs.
    I would be happy to volunteer.

  15. Rita Lazalde says:

    I’ll try that. Have MS since 1990 and I’m tired of dealing with it. I’ll try anything that might help.

  16. Shannon Boltin says:

    How can I try this…. Im at a loss on any more possible treatments. Dx in [email protected] age 41 w/ RRMS. had no relapses, just gradual yet quick worsening (now thought To have been PPMS or SPMS at best) where I went from fully active (only numb fingertips) to unable to walk at ALL & fully dependent on wheelchair in only 5 & 1/2 yrs…
    I NEED HELP Im fading too fast & I’m not ready to go!! any would be appreciated, thank you
    Shannon B.

  17. Michelle says:

    I would love to try this I love getting tattoos! It would be a great mood stabilizer to get “new ink” often and always have space for more.

  18. Sasha Stewart says:

    I would absolutely do this. I am on the last available treatment to suppress my symptoms, and I’m scared! How do we find out more???

  19. Bear says:

    Always have wanted a tat. Why not one that treats MS? My current treatment is failing me and I am going in for tests for a different one soon. Was just told I am moving out of RRMS to the next stage – fun.

  20. Lori Freiberg says:

    My name is Lori, I have MS since 1995. Before that I was diagnosed with
    Epstein Barr in 1988
    I would love to try the tattoo sign me up. I am stopping Ocrevus, First infusion I got shingles. The next time I never flet good on it at all. I would like to try the tattoo.I was on Tysabri then they said my numbers went
    Up. My blood is being tested again. I would love to get the tattoo. Does anyone know when it will be out? Please let me know.

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