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      Debi Wilson

      Being a grandparent with MS is rewarding yet challenging. I would love to be able to run  and play with my grandchildren , but I am limited in my physical abilities. Still, there are many positive and fun things we do together. Board games, reading, playing legos and going on outings, when I have extra help. The list goes on, I feel as grandparents we have a lot to offer our grandchildren.

      What fun experiences do you share with your grandchildren? What special memories are you making with them?



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      As my grandchildren get a little older (I have 8, 5, 4, 4, 3, i=”in the oven”) I have told the 2 older ones that they have to give Grandma a big hug as soon as they are here, since grandma doesn’t get many hugs and they are necessary for physical and mental health.  They are happy to oblige!  🙂


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      Ed Tobias

      My grandkids are 4 and a half and 2 and a half. They’re only 3 hours away so we can see them frequently. One concession that I have to make is that we stay in a hotel when we visit. The stairs in my son’s house are difficult for me.

      Funny story. Both my grandson and granddaughter were fascinated with my two canes, from early in their lives. “Cane” was one of their first words. When my grandson was just starting to walk he’d grab both canes and walk with me, holding them as I walked backwards. I think I helped him get walking sooner than he might have otherwise.


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        Debi Wilson

        That’s great Mary, I love that about the hugs!? My grandsons are 8, 6, 5 the youngest, our granddaughter is 15 months. I am lucky and get to see two everyday and the other at least once a week. Do you get to see your grandchildren very often, do you live close to them?

        That’s a sweet story, Ed!

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