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      Chris Lyons

      Does anyone suffer from another disease that impacts their MS? How do you Cope?

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      John Connor

      Hi Chris

      I’ve written about this excessively both here in this MS Forum & my cols! Don’t worry am not about to dig them out.

      Mine r all caused [pretty undoubtedly] by MS. Trigeminal Neuralgia  [the worst], oedema and Neuropathic pain in my right arm. There’s probably more but them’s the baddies.

      Some people though deal with more than just MS & its associated gripes!

      Good question sir.

      Cheers John



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      David Hoover

      Hello Chris.

      I just got diagnosed. I’m 47. I’ve been a diabetic for 27 years. I have heart disease (3 heart stents). I get shots in eyes for retinopathy.  I’m not convinced the eye drugs haven’t caused this progressive-aggressive MS.

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      Lola Dean

      Hi Chris, I developed degenerative bone disease and glaucoma. I find that doctors are very tunnel visioned so I have to educate each one one about my comobidities. I tend to find a doctor and network and stay there so that the history is all in one place. I hate changing doctors but when you don’t have a good fit, it’s really important to find a new doctor.

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      I’m currently diagnosed Rheumatoid arthritis, although I’m working with a new rheumatologist to determine if I’m only rheumatoid or if I’m also Sjogrens.

      Im also experiencing other wild symptoms like severe weight loss and petechiae, among other things so I’m in the middle of lots of lab work to determine what else is going on.

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        Ed Tobias


        I absolutely agree about finding the right neuro. I’ve been with mine for over twenty years and, after moving to a new area, I traveled 3 hours each way to continue seeing her. The right neuro makes a world of difference.


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          Ed Tobias


          Please keep us posted on how things go. We’re all here to support each other.


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