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     Debi Wilson 

    I really appreciate my daughter, sons and grandsons,  they help me so much!  It’s always good to be thankful for those in our lives .  Do you have a caregiver or a family member that helps make your day run smoother? Someone that is willing to help you when needed?

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     Amy Sadri 


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     Jilleen Verina 

    My 67 year roomate cooks and gets the shopping and hangs out the washing and complains all the time that he is a slave.  I suffer from situational depression because of his drama and chaotic life that he lives.  And I pay for it, listening to his voice and foot steps hurts my ears.  It’s far from perfect.  I would be much happier if I lived alone but also scared to live alone having PPMS.

    Don’t get me wrong, he is my friend and cares about me as I do him, he’s just very hard to live with and perhaps it’s hard to live with me also.

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    I live with a man, long story as we should have parted the waves years ago, as life can be volatile inside our home, not the ideal with having MS. Anyway of course I would be more at peace by myself  if I was independent of him but, in reality I would not cope now by myself so although in truthfulness I dont want him in my life, he is a need in my life. He does the shopping, will take me in the car any place I need, usually connected my MS, GP surgery, dentist, hospital if needed, my two MS monthly social groups, and my weekly seniors lunchtime bingo which he stays and is part of it, he enjoys it. But for being a caregiver, he definitely is not one of those to me, is he was he would be on our UK caregivers books and get paid a caregivers allowance, of which he is not. I think we are both just stuck with each other, amongst all his faults, and he has many, he is loyal.


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