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      John Connor

      Quaint that Prime think there still supplying analog which only a few of us remember. Tape only lasted some ten years. Ah.

      Lower Decks‘. Already burned thru this second animated season of a Star Trek comedy. Yup. A comedy and a good one at that. Must have been spurred into it by the success of Seth Macfarlane’s ‘The Orville‘.

      Next, ‘Invincible‘ created by Robert Kirkman. whose name probably means nothing to you. Also creator of ‘The Walking Dead‘. And yes this a comic book come to life animated comedy about a boy becoming a superhero. Only his dad is the most powerful one on the planet – but he has some very dark secrets!

      Finally ‘Upload‘ from the mind behind the US version of ‘The Office’ and ‘Parks & Rec’. Nuff said. If your rich enough in the future you can choose to upload yous mind into a computer and live a virtual life. Only, he might not have chosen it. A brill near future satire.

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      I really enjoyed The Orville, but it wasn’t on long. I have only just come across Rick and Morty, that’s insanely good, complete nut job but really cool. It’s on very late here. I might watch it on netflix instead of TV. What I like about Rick and Morty is they can do anything anywhere at anytime in any dimensions.

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      John Connor

      A third series of The Orville is about to drop – in the UK think that’s on Amazon Video. TBH there r so many streaming services can’t keep up!

      BTW Rick’n’Morty is penned by the genius who created uber sitcom Community, Dan Harmon. If u’ve never seen it watch series 1,2,3,5 only. It’s a long story.

      Your friendly neighborhood Comedyman!

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