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        Good question..well right now, I feel that I have aged…not in mind but in body…How do you feel Debi?

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        I actually feel younger than I am, which is odd since I use a walker! Maybe, it’s because I am àround younger people most of the time?

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            Your lucky Debi, I am surrounded by old men.

            Mentally I feel younger than I am,  and I think everyone does, but getting MS has made my body (56) feel older (65), which isn’t a surprise to anyone that is physically ill.   And the only people that care and understand are those that have MS.  Most people don’t give a rats arse that I am ill, because if it doesn’t affect them then they have no awareness.  It’s not until someone gets sick, they have the awareness.  Until then I am on my own basically.  And that’s how it has always been.  Life can be much harder when your ill.


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            For me, this illness has made me older before my time…but I must add…wiser…

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            I should have specified yes, physically I do feel older, but like you said earlier, mentally I feel younger than I am. Because I live with my daughter and my grandchildren.
            Yes, and wiser, good point!
            You said you live in London, is it chaotic there now because of the royal wedding?

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              Debi, no I do not live in London, I am further…. South West…it was going back to my working days when I would travel into London from…South East..or just East as some refer to it…

              At last we have some good news on our tvs, the royal wedding to look forwards to, a whole lot better from our usual doom and gloom…

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