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    My sister is 30 years into her PPMS diagnosis.  Her speech has been difficult to understand for many years but now we can hardly understand a word she says and she tries so hard! So frustrating! She has been on hospice since October 2016 but has been holding her own for about the last year. Has anyone had experience with getting a speech therapist for a loved one on extended hospice?  Any comments appreciated. Thank you.

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     Ed Tobias 

    Hi Karen,

    According to the Medicare website speech therapy, like physical therapy and occupational therapy, is covered by Medicare.



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    My sister passed away at the beginning of this month.  Our mother said that during one of the last times that she saw her daughter (my sister), my sister tried to talk and my mother told her that she just couldn’t understand her. She feels that my sister sort of gave up at that point.  My sister was very sick.  31 years into her MS diagnosis.  But given the difficulty that she had communicating for years and years until finally in the last two years not possible to understand her, I really feel that dysarthria > anarthria should be addressed early on with patients with progressive forms of MS.

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    I agree with what you say about how much would you want to know.  I doubt my sister would have wanted to know that she would be so sick for so long. No one in her family would want to know that!  But her problems with speaking clearly enough for use to understand her easily didn’t become a problem until about 12- 15 years into her diagnosis (I think). Maybe if she had started speech therapy then we would have been understand her better for longer-though maybe the progress of the disease/paralysis would have canceled out the benefits of therapy.

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