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      John Connor

      Right, in my latest opus ‘Like Iggy Says, ‘All Aboard for Funtime’’ I try to stir up some comments on what u do for fun.
      I instigated the ‘Let’s Have Some Fun!’ forum when I first became a moderator. Dealing with MS is often horrendous but let’s chat about other ‘Fun’ things for a bit.
      ‘Schitt’s Creel’ on Netflix [at least in the UK] just swept the Emmy’s. You’ll find a rave recommendation from me under the ‘Netflix Watch Club’ so even give out solid tips.
      Do tell us all what r u’re fave things to do are…go on!

      Mary Batte says: John Connor, must have missed this. Fun these days is an illusive commodity so maybe that’s why low response. I was diagnosed in the early 80’s. Did not stop us from RV’ing in almost every state in the union and many of the Canadian provinces. I would tire sometimes and we’d simply hang out for a few days and then back on the road. Did the warmer states in the cooler months. All can be adjusted.

      Then I discovered beautiful fabric and the art of quilting. Which is so much fun for me.

      Now, anytime we can be outside in nature is absolutely the best whether it be on our deck or by a river. Don’t move like we use to but being outdoors is still the best. We are now looking for a home with single floor. What’s next? I want a garden.
      I’m like John, what are you doing for fun right now and what are you looking forward to? What’s next??

      John Connor replies: Ta Mary, for fulsome reply.
      Yes, watch endless TV. ‘Schitt’s Creek’ which have raved about in the ‘Fun’ Forum just swept the Emmy’s’ There’s a scintilla of the ‘critic’ left in me….
      Read when my eyes let me.
      Plans – go out for a picnic!!!
      Not just constrained by u know what but also my butt!!
      Maybe I’ll write something… doubt it.
      My son turns out to be a better writer than me. He discovered that all on his ownsome.
      Also taught himself to play guitar.
      Jealous? Moi?

      M. Yokum says: Here are some of the things I do: play Spider on the computer, work jigsaw puzzles on the computer, write an essay/rumination every month, garden, bake, make yogurt and jam, mow grass. Here’s what I try to do (but no longer do very well) embroider, sew, play piano, draw. Here’s what I never do: clean house, wash windows (boring). Watching TV/movies gives me a headache. Always has.

      Here’s another thing I do: read what John Connor writes.

      John Connor replies: Ooh, can I give stars for comments?
      ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

      Peter Lambrechts says: Ms or nor, i still have a lot of fun with Iggy ( and the Stooges) , the music gives Energy and joy
      Hope you all van still have some fun

      Peter from Holland

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      Ed Tobias

      I love Schitt’s Creek (“Creel” was John’s typo). A great, inclusive show that makes you think as well as laugh).



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