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     John Connor 

    Right – I now spend an inordinate amount of time watching telly. It uses little energy and to be frank is these days of low brow culture is not taxing. I use it to relax and get through fatigue.

    Now in the past there was obviously no world wide communal TV service but Netflix has changed that. I live in the UK & though it carries some different content than the USA a lot is shared.

    I’m always scrolling for content – last night I discovered an hilarious film ‘The Happytime Murders’ starring Melissa McCarthy and a muppet! It is though v. rude! I’ve only watched half of it and I often don’t like gross out comedy – somehow with puppets involved it’s charming! As in ‘Team America World Police’.

    Have you discovered any gems?

    PS Don’t have Amazon Prime but haven’t made the mistake that thousands of Christians have. They’ve petitioned Netflix to cancel Amazon Prime’s ‘GoodOmens’ – which proves that God commissions in mysterious ways!  

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     John Connor 

    OK I fully accept that no one has joined in on this trivial escapade – so I’ll converse with  myself. In the ’70s an Australian called Clive James wrote hilarious and riveting TV reviews every Sunday in the Observer Newspaper in the UK. They were so good  they’d be the first thing I’d want to read every Sunday Morning. By the ’80s I’d become a critic myself – partly I think influenced by him. I never did write TV reviews. Hey, now’s my chance.

    I’m going to start with ‘Mr Iglesias’ on Netflix. It’s a studio sitcom which I will always give a cursory glance to because they are the hardest to actually do – but if you get them right they are the purest form of TV that TV has ever devised. We have to thank Lucille Ball for inventing them because she wasn’t about to leave groovy Hollywood and decamp to New York to make live TV. She filmed in front a ‘live studio audience’ and shipped the edited film to New York where it was then transmitted.

    As I live in a different country I had no idea who the star, Gabriel Iglesias, was. The plot of a trendy history teacher in a California school wasn’t exactly appealing either. Aren’t they all? Within five minutes I knew I’d binge the lot. It was cool, threw in social comment and the characters were all well rounded. Especially ‘Mr Iglesias’ himself – I’d be fearful of body shaming but that’s exactly the sort of self aware line that ‘Fluffy’ his stand up comedy nickname says about himself. You can tell how good he is – he let’s the rest of the cast get the laughs as well. So here’s the homework – give it a go. Let me know what you think.

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