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      John Connor

      My annual comedic review of the year through Santa’s eyes! My twist – somehow this 1500 year old magical being somehow has MS!! It’s confused him mightily too….

      Any positive things occurred to u despite the awfulness of 2020?


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      G’day All,

      Apparently Santa struggles a bit here in Australia because of the heat and his <span style=””>inappropriate</span> clothing. I’m sure these will be exacerbated by MS. The poor old bastard. There are, however, some good cooling vests available now though. I have found a way to add another convincing argument when dealing with sceptical children who are starting to doubt the veracity of the story. I have bagged up samples of genuine reindeer excrement (which coincidentally looks remarkably like that of large kangaroos) for friends etc. to place on their lawns for the children to find on Christmas Day as proof that Santa’s sleigh was parked there and, as the reindeer had obviously eaten some grass but then of course could not carry any excess baggage, they had to leave the deposit. Small children don’t see anything incongruous in this as dealing with excrement, under various guises and euphemisms, is a part of their daily business of life. Unfortunately I think it would now be too late for any mail orders to be delivered in time. Have a good one.

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        Ed Tobias

        Hi Shorty,

        It looks as if your sense of humor is similar to John Connor’s. You make a good pair. Maybe it’s a British Empire thing. :-).


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      John Connor

      Hi Shorty

      Thanks for playing.

      Yes, Santa’s fatigue in my version would go to 111 in Aus!

      We have egg hunts at Easter – seems u’ve created an Xmas poo one!!

      Happy New Year Mate

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