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      John Connor


      A year and a half ago I set up this ‘Fun’ forum ‘cos although MS is itself self absorbing – for those of us who can’t escape the limitations of our bodies we can escape with our minds. Apologies to those where MS has even taken that away.

      Reading can be difficult – MS has recently screwed with my vision. I’ve gone back to using 5 year old glasses!

      So far we’ve only had an entry about a member whittling. Something I found beyond me when able bodied! But exactly the sort of thing I wanted to celebrate.

      When I first had MS I met an artist who’d lost the use of her painting hand/arm entirely. She taught herself to paint with her other hand. Us humans can be quite indomitable.

      Covid has forced many of us into continuous shelter. I’m not that sorry that this has conveniently coincided withe the explosion of streaming services! In conspiracy theory terms – ooh, what timing!

      Apple+ & Disney+ even share the same math sign! To to add to Netflix & Amazon Prime. There’s a plethora of others, even here in the UK! It’s a global market for a global village.

      I confess to having all the main ones – I used to work in TV now I bathe in its rays.

      C’mon if u watch something tell me.

      Listen to? Currently The Velvet Underground r letting rip thru my earphones!.



      I don’t care…..

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      Jessica James

      Hi John,
      I’ll add to discussion.
      When my eyes get wonky from  too much outside heat  and bright light and it messes with my ability to read, I’ll listen to audible books.
      When I can see normally, I’ll knit, crochet, work on computer and read. I also spin wool and create gorgeous yarn to give away to knitting friends or charity. Lots to do but so little energy to accomplish projects. Audio books let me multi task knitting or spinning.

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        Ed Tobias



        I’ll bet that knitting and spinning is great for hand/finger dexterity, right?


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      Ed Tobias

      My hobby is ham radio…I’ve been on the ham radio bands since 1961, when I was 12 years old. I use Morse code when I talk to other hams. It’s great for hand dexterity and de-coding the Morse in my head, as it’s set, keeps my brain sharp.

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        That’s awesome. Don’t know anything about ham radio except from Art Bell. Be well

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      John Connor

      Ta for your input Jessica. I confess my secret treat is to catch up on podcasts whilst playing endless games of Solitaire on my laptop.

      Hi Ed. There was I thinking I was the only old ‘ham’ on here. My sort though rather predates radio! x

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      Hi everyone.  A few months ago I bought a large collection of collectable phonecards and I have been selling them online. However the bottom has fallen out of it about 20 years ago. But I consider them to be art. Before I got the phonecards I used audio books as I love to be read to. I am not a very good reader as my eyes aren’t that good now. And before the books I drew abstract art. I watch alot of Aljazeera. Blimey, our world is in a state of disharmony.

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      John Connor

      Hi Jilly.

      Phonecards? Have a distant memory of them! But it’s a hazy one.

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      Hi folks. I play the harp when vertigo and tremors subside. I recently took up adult coloring, which I rejected for years but find it very calming. I used to knit, crochet and craft but cognitively I find it exhausting to follow patterns, even with making adaptations so that’s been put aside. I find loss of initiative to be my enemy. Have been in lock down since Covid with the exception of family and grocery shopping. I hope you all are well and I love reading everyone’s tales. Be safe

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      Ed Tobias


      Wow, I think harp playing must be challenging even for people who are able-bodied, but it has to be helpful for hand dexterity and the brain. The same for coloring.

      On the other hand, grocery shopping is something my wife and I hate to do…even if it gets us out of the house. We eat a lot of carry-out. :-).

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      Thanks for sharing Jessica.

      Hi everyone.  New Zealand got plunged into level 4 lock down two weeks ago and if we go out to get groceries we have to wear a face mask. Good idea I think. I get my first jab 21 September, still a wee way off.  They say we (NZ) has been a bit slow with the vaccinations, but I think it’s been rolled out just like it should be. It is what it is ya know. Heading off for the jab is a day out for me lol.

      I have been watching the Olympic Games, I love watching many countries play together. I watched a man with no arms or legs win Gold in the backstroke, WOW!


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