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      Emoji’s are fun and a great way to show our emotions!  What is your emoji mood today?  What emoji best describes how you are feeling?

      This me today ?, it’s going to be great day!  I’m not sure why but, I’m going to make it be!

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        Related image

        happy peaceful day

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        Cute, Jilly! Did you make that one I haven’t seen it before.

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          No Deb, I googled emoji’s in images and found it.  Is that cheating? lol.

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          Lol no it is accepted! ?

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            Well the emoji didn’t help my city, Christchurch today.  There was a mass shooting in 2 locations at 2 Mosques.  Awful, our Prime Minister said it’s our darkest day.  Story still unfolding, all schools are still in lock down, and my doors are locked.

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              Jilly, I can imagine, you now need a sad or frightened emoji.

              I hadn’t heard of your incident until I read your post, now done a check on my computer page news and sounds terrible. Be careful, there are a whole lot of ” crazies ” out there. I am now going to turn on my tv, it is 8.30 am ( UK ) as I type although been up 2 hours already.

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              Oh no, that is terrible news, Jilly! I’m so sorry, I will be praying!

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                Damn. Our country has been infected now.  And join the rest of the world with this behaviour.  The offenders have been caught.  I won’t say anymore about this, as it’s all over the news channels.

                Sorry this page should have been a fun page.

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                  My emoji if I had one would be a face of disbelief.

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                    I just want to tell yall, good things come from bad things.  A give a little page has been set up online for the victims and over 1.3 million has been donated so far in just over 24 hours.  That’s awesome.  It’s to help with funerals and the families affected.

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                      Jilly, yes that is ” awesome ” so many kind hearted’s in this world, and of their country’s generosity, that rally round when in times of need. It is hard not to be touched by this. Jilly I hope you dont mind but I have posted this on my American Seniors forum, I can send you the link to it. Thank you so much for telling us this.


                      My today’s moji is a mixture of ” despair ” and ” generosity.”

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                      That is amazing, Jilly!

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                        Update for all, donations have reached over 5 million dollars.  The weather has been cloudy and gloomy since this happened, appropriate I guess.

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                          And I bet money has come in from all corners of our world. My today emojis are Hope and kindness

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                          Love that Jilly! That’s incredible! ?

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                            Over 6 million dollars donated now, wow that’s incredible and awesome.  We still have work to do as a country.

                            6 million dollars is my favorite number as I loved The 6 Million Dollar Man as a child.  Lee Majors will you marry me? lol.

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                              Jilli…this touches so many people all over the world…this just proves there are far more kinder people than our thoughtless nastie’s…So many people offer help when needed, worldwide. It is times like these, we all become one.

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                              That is really incredible Jilly. It was raised so fast too!

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                                7.8 million now. Wow! My roomate is going to the vigil today at Hagley Park, it’s been a full 7 days since it happened.  I remember there was fund raising for the CHCH earthquakes and I was given $500.00 from the Red Cross because I was out of power for more than 7 days, no water, no loo.  I remember thinking that one pee’s alot when you don’t have a working loo lol, going in the backyard is rather odd, glad I had a private backyard. Oh and glad I was walking back then too, there’s no way I could squat now. Can you imagine?  It doesn’t bare thinking about really.

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                                A lot of giving people, that’s great!  That must’ve been a terrible time during the earthquakes !

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                                  Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) came to town today and sang 3 songs for Christchurch 2 weeks after the attacks. He is awesome and he made me feel good, it was lovely to see him here.  I felt blessed he came to New Zealand. He sang Peace Train.

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                                  Hi Jilly!
                                  Wow, that’s cool I love Cat Stevens! He has so many amazing songs, his voice is so soothing. I am sure that it was comforting to hear him. It is so awesome he showed his love and support that way!
                                  How are you doing?

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