• Avery became a registered member 4 months ago

    • Hi Avery,
      Hope u’ve changed u’re Doctor. A new neurologist should put u on a Disease Modifying Therapy [DMT] ASAP. https://www.mssociety.org.uk/about-ms/treatments-and-therapies/disease-modifying-therapies/covid-19-coronavirus-and-ms
      Anyways, welcome – loads of info, research & experiences
      on here.
      You can also start topics [please do] – my fellow
      moderator Ed Tobias explains ‘Posting Items’ at
      the top of each Forum.
      Cheers John


    • Hi Avery –

      Thanks for joining us. I’ve lived with MS for 42 years and can say, from personal experience, that Disease-Modifying Treatments have slowed the progression of my illness over those years. There are more than 20 of them from which to choose, each with its own benefits and potential side-effects. As John has suggested, a chat with your neurologist about them would be worthwhile. Diet, supplements and exercise can only go so far, IMHO.


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