• Cynthia King posted an update 4 years, 1 month ago

    I would say getting a pet helps the most. Because of my dog I have to get up and periodically tend to her needs. This means I don’t sit around all day. I have to feed her and let her out. Minor things, I know. It also helps that she likes to snuggle, so she gives love too. She is also very grateful so a small task for her, like filling her water dish, makes her happy. In short, what I can do makes her happy, so my limitations aren’t a big deal to her. True, I pay a neighbor to walk her a couple of days a week. Even just having t he cat sit on my lap and purr while I pet him makes me feel good and distracts me from my everyday woes.

    • I agree, Cynthia! Pets and their unconditional love are amazing! It sounds like you have a dog and cat? What kind of dog? What are your pets names?

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