• I’m old which makes me lucky as far as the vaccine.   Received my second shot about 10 days ago.   I was one of the folks that did get a reaction.   Little fever, tired and achy.  No big deal in comparison to the relief that I am protected against this horrific disease.


    Having said that, wondering of other folks’ experiences with the vaccin…[Read more]

  • Thanks, Ed – I saw that MS Society did that.   And , I am going to check with Medicare.   Actually, not out of my price range but, if I’m going to invest I want it to be comfortable to wear.   Don’t want to invest that kind of $$ and then have sit in a closet somewhere.


    I hope you are doing all you can to be safe.   Micki

  • My doctor suggested I get a cooling vest to get through this summer heat.     The ones that look comfortable and easy to wear are pricey.    Does anyone know if Medicare covers?


    Thank you

  • Good for you – sometimes benign watchfulness is the best.    I’m glad you are at peace.

  • Just read your post and listening to update on the condition of your PM.

    My hub and I live in NC in the US.   At the end of Feb he broke his hip – doing well now but, obviously, we had a head start on the “staying home”.   I’m lucky that we are old enough not to have to worry about work but, is hitting all in the US very hard.

    I have been dia…[Read more]

  • Micki started the topic Biotin in the forum Alternative Treatments 2 years, 9 months ago

    Is anyone taking biotin?  My neurologist told me to take 100 mg 3 x day.    When I do the conversion to micrograms which is the way it comes that’s 100000 mcgs.    Lots of pills.

    How much are you taking and where are you purchasing your pills?    Any help – so appreciated.



  • Micki posted an update 2 years, 9 months ago

    I just watched the film “Awake” suggested on the home page I think. Great short on MS and insomnia. I don’t feel like the only one in the world now. Maybe we should start a forum call ‘awake with MS’ so we’d have folks to talk to in the middle of the night. grin. Have a good day.

  • What a great idea.   Had not thought about mixing with milk, cocoa or whatever.   Thank you, John, so much.   And, what’s keeping me awake is the decision to move, finding agent, getting this house ready to sell — well you get it.    Thanks,   Micki

  • Adding insult to injury – tired all the time and now can’t sleep.   I’ve never really had issues with sleeping that lasted this long before.   I can usually read myself to sleep even though it might be late.      But, for the last week or so I’ve watched the clock all night.   Somewhere around 6:30 fall into a really nice sleep and at 7:14 the…[Read more]

  • <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hello Ed.  I read your experience and it sounded all too familiar to something I experienced a few years ago. I  was having labored breathing and not able to take deep breaths in and out. It was a time when I was having increased neurological symptoms. Both my primary care physician and my neurologist at the time w…[Read more]

  • Does “when a woman your age presents with “unexplained pain and sensations” I usually advise “talking to someone”    count?         That was the ortho I went to first because I didn’t understand the pain.     I was kind and said “I don’t have a problem with that if necessary but do you think it could possibly be nerve related and maybe you could…[Read more]

  • Incident yesterday.    Getting ready to leave house but had to make a couple of phone calls.    Hair salon app’t – lady answered and I could not get my question out – could barely remember my stylists name (good friend for 10 years) and basically couldn’t talk.    I know she thought I was drunk.  But I could not get my brain to function.    Felt…[Read more]

    • I haven’t had that bad an experience but I can, very occasionally, feel weak enough to have to lie on the floor. Usually it’s the result of dehydration. However, if this is new to you I’d certainly ring up your neuro and mention it.


  • Micki posted an update 3 years, 2 months ago

    @john-connor-2 I’m not sure of your age but the pain attack is very strange for me. In a toe, my jaw, cheek and, yes, then I have issues in those areas. I would love to find a doc who really wants to STUDY MS and ask questions about each of us. A doc, I don’t care – a young research team – wouldn’t it be the best. I believe that MS…[Read more]

    • Hi Micki –

      Nice to see you posting again. You might be interested in the iConquerMS project. They gather data from MS people, via the web, and share it with researchers. Here’s the group’s website: https://iconquerms.org/

      Hope you’re doing ok.


  • Linda – I use an online pharmacy in Asheville, NC. It’s naturesvitaminsandherbs.com


    Good luck, Micki

  • Linda, where do you live – you may, very well, have some great shops near you.    Don’t be afraid to go in and talk.   I understand there is a stigma with marijuana and our age group.    This is totally different.  Promise.


  • Linda,   my reply said “waiting for moderation”.   I’m hoping it goes through.    I love that you said that you are “old” and tired of all this.     Me too my friend.     Let me know if you got my email.

    And, I’ve decided I love my gray hair – doors get held for me, folks let me go first in line, I get help with my luggage on a plane, I get disco…[Read more]

  • I would not buy on the internet.    I would go to a CBD pharmacy and get professional advice.    Its all legal –

  • Hi Stef, I started using CBD oil in October.    I’ve noticed that the numbness and tingle that I felt about half way up my calves have abated.     Some days it does come back but on an average I feel better.    I’m also sleeping better and do not have those “knee jerk” nerve reflexes.

    And, I have bone on bone issues with my knee and that pain h…[Read more]

  • The past few weeks I’ve been uncomfortably warm at night and even getting a “southern blush”.     Then suddenly I’m getting full blown night sweats.    I’m 74 and left that stuff behind a long time ago.

    Last night I woke up drenched from head to toe.   Dogs were moving away, I was throwing covers back and my husband is saying not nice words.…[Read more]

    • I can’t help with an answer to that one, Micki, but I’ve seen this problem regularly mentioned on the various MS Facebook groups that I watch.

      Can anyone else help Micki sweat this out? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).


  • I’m sure many of you are NOT enjoying this heat.  I live in Asheville, NC and it is really bad.    Just a little curious.    I went to the grocery store yesterday – spent a few minutes in a hot car and in the parking lot.   Total of, maybe 15 minutes?    Exhausted and going out for dinner so took an extra Ritalin.   Then no sleep last night.   …[Read more]

    • The heat used to effect me badly. I love summer, and the swimming pool, but if I was out in the heat too long my legs would turn to jelly. But as I grew older the heat effected me less and the cold effected me more, particularly my bladder. So, I’ll take the heat over the cold anytime.


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