• Rikki started the topic First flare symptoms, followed by new one? in the forum Newly Diagnosed 3 years, 3 months ago

    I was first diagnosed in August after stiffening from foot drop,numbness on side of let and top of foot, weakness in right arm and leg, stomach issues and slurred speech. Since my last flare I have begun noticing other symptoms…the worst one, the MS itch! I have come realize the cold weather hates me. Get too cold? Stuck with a constant itch that takes sometimes day or hours to go away with no relief ever. Thighs have become black and blue do to the itching. That’s where it started. Not I get too cold and get muscle spasms that pills can’t relieve, sometimes I’m walking around for 2 days with a Charlie horse in my thigh. Now in January vertigo, ugh the sweats the spinning and it leaves me completely physically unable to care for my children. I started  the generic for Compaxon  immediately following the results of Lumbar and MRI tests. I thought my symptoms would go away for awhile but with these new ones randomly starting up I’m not sure what to think. First MRI I had ever had preformed showed 10-15 lessions! I’m concerned treatment is not working and may have to switch. I have also struggled maintaining my weight. No matter what I eat I keep losing making injections painful. My Nuro is out of the country due to a family emergency and is not due back till possibly April.

    How did you recover after your first flare and are your current treatments seem to have some kind of effect on preventing ms symptoms??

    -Thank you, Rikki

    • Hi Rikki,

      I’m on the other end of the MS spectrum from you. I was diagnosed at age 32, but that was in 1980!! So, I’ve been living with MS for quite a while.

      Here are a couple of MS basics. The symptoms of a flare can be treated with steroids. Solumedrol is the usual IV steroid. Prednisone is an oral steroid. These will reduce, or even eliminate, symptoms temporarily but they’re likely to reappear. Sometimes the symptoms will be held at bay for years, sometimes for a much shorter time, but it’s likely they’ll be back. Copaxone, and other basic disease-modifying treatments such as Avonex and Betasereon, are only designed to reduce the frequency of flares. They do not eliminate them, nor do they affect the progression of MS.

      There are much more recent medications, such as Tysabri, Ocrevus and Lemtrada that are designed to halt progression. In some cases, including me, some symptoms have been slightly reduced. Here’s something I recently wrote that may interest you.

      MS Treatment Decisions Can Cause a ‘Gambler’s Dilemma’

      I’d also suggest that you take a look at the National MS Society’s website which contains a ton of information. It’s http://www.nmss.org.


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