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  1. Julie says:

    I have relasping remitting diagnosed in 2014went on copaxone 2015 can no longer take the drug.. I would love to participate in this clinical trial of lingo….and hooe and pray it does well for myself as well as for others… I dont understand all these other drugs and how they even came to market… Wuth all the horrible side effects such as pml thank u

    • Sheri Anderson says:

      Hi, I have RRMS and have been fervently looking for a High Dose Chemo Stem Cell Transplant. I have been on 3 MS Meds with no response. I just know that the Stem Cell Transplant will be the answer I have been looking for!!! Please contact me ASAP!!

      Sheri M.Anderson
      6323 Whoteford Road
      OttawaLake, MI. 49267

  2. Jenny says:

    I would like to be included in a stem cell clinical trial.
    I have tried most of the MS drugs including the expensive tysabri (covered my my insurance) but none have helped.
    My neuropath and pain was cured by acupuncture at the Bastyr clinic in Seattle. The weakness and fatigue is also less due to acupuncture and I no longer need a walker.
    I have secondary progressive MS

  3. Zoe Hooper says:

    i’m at my wits end. I fell 10 days ago and fractured a vertebrae and a rib. My back pain is unbearable. I have had MS for 38 years and I use a walker and scooter. I feel I went downhill after my first infusion Lemtrada one year ago. I know I am depressed but I already take an antidepressant. I feel hopeless and helpless. Any thoughts ? Anyone?

    • Mel says:

      Keep walking.! I’m in a wheelie and that has destroyed my posture, my breathing…so many things. I’m fighting back. “if you can stand, you can walk. If you can walk 3 steps, you can walk 30. If you can walk 30, you can walk 300/3000. I’m quoting from Trevor of the Ms gym. Join. Fight. I wish I could walk. I’m 5 years into this ‘thing’ and it’s decimated me but I’m fighting back. You must do the same. Trevor does not charge, so anyone reading this, request to become a member. His knowledge and explanations are fantastic. His exercises are specifically for folk with Ms, at whatever level. He believes we can all walk. He does not believe in discarding people because of their dx. Join!

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