10 Multiple Sclerosis Myths



According to Health.com, these are the Top 10 Myths about Multiple Sclerosis you should be aware of:

1. MS is a death sentence

2. You’ll need a wheel-chair

3. Everyone’s MS follows the same path

4. Only old people get MS

5. MS is on the rise

6. Women with MS can’t get pregnant

7. Women with MS can’t breast feed

8. MS risk is genetic

9. People with MS should avoid the gym

10. MS is curable

Learn more about Multiple Sclerosis here: http://bit.ly/1VOh6jL

Read full article here: http://bit.ly/1H4hFKl

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    • Ian Franks says:

      Hi Matt, this was published in 2015. Also, the article does NOT say genes are not involved in MS. It says: “Genes do play a role, but they are not the be all and end all.”

    • Laura says:

      I agree with you that MS is genetic. I was recently diagnosed, and my cousin has had MS for years. I also believe my brother who just passed had it as well.

  1. Mark Hill says:

    Ughhhh… the usual rubbish, itself myth and speculation. It is not yet known whether MS is genetic, it may well be genetic. MS can certainly be a death sentence; J.K. Rowling’s mother would still be alive now, so would my uncle and thousands of others if it weren’t for MS. It’s a killer for some and not for others; depends how fast it moves. If people would face the fact that it can be a killer, there might be more urgency in finding a cure. Wish people wouldn’t publish inaccurate lists like this, it really isn’t helpful.

    • Maria Vega says:

      The genetic thing keeps bothering me, a lot. There are a lot of new studies that prove the correlation and hey, here I am! My grandfather had MS, he was diagnosed in 1949, and I’ve just been diagnosed, is not a myth. People wake up… is not a myth.

  2. KA says:

    Everyone can focus on ways to heal and repair the body to beat MS – however, no MS Dr will ever tell you that – too much money in it for them keeping us sick! We weren’t born with MS – something is off and out of balance with our body and we need to look at the root cause not suppressing our immune system with the most awful, deadly drugs. I know many people who have healed from MS. Please look to functional medical Drs who look at treating the whole body and are interested in you beating MS.

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