Multiple Sclerosis and Carepartnership

In this video from the National MS Society, learn more about the Carepartnerships and how they “thrive through openness in communication, and finding balance through intentional adjustment.”

Learn more about MS here:

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  1. Vickie Ghirardelli says:

    I live in a small town and I was diagnosed 2001. I have a mom Sister and brother gwre but they are all busy and when I need help cant get it. My m9m will occasionally will pick up my meds but I am having a really hard time shopping anymore or soing many things. I have no idea what to so or where to turn. I do go wirhout food at times for a coyple of days or unril i can do it myself. There is no cwnters to find things ro do i am very fearful what is going to gappen to me. I have been threatened many times that then I sho y ld go to a nursing home. I juat turned 50 and no way. I was a RN prior. I see my only answer is at rhat time or when that time comes suicide.

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