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My Multiple Sclerosis Story


Watch this video and learn all about fairyeyez04’s multiple sclerosis story.

Learn more about Multiple Sclerosis here:

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  1. April says:

    To bad she felt the need to use foul language in this video. Might not seem like a big deal to her or to this site (I’m assuming since you posted it without a warning that it contained language that may be offensive to some people).
    I can’t watch these videos around my grandchildren with foul language…and can’t post a link back to her video on my pages. And I like to do that if the video will be helpful or encouraging, or educational to others with MS.
    My point being – I think MS News Today should watch the videos your posting! Check for foul language and then advise us before viewing. Or choose more appropriate material that all views of all ages (that want to learn about MS) can watch without being offended by unnecessary language on an educational website!
    I love the stories shared in the past & have passed along several to MS Support Groups I’m involved in. Had I not watched this first by myself – I would have offended several ladies in those groups who don’t appreciate foul language and I’m glad I watched it alone and not with young grandchildren around that certainly don’t need to hear the “F-Bomb” when trying to learn about Multiple Sclerosis.

    No offence to her story (which would have been good to share otherwise)
    I sincerely hope that future video shares here will be posted either in a professional manner (no cursing) or at the very least a WARNING that the video contains foul language.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. L says:

    Yesenia should definitely disclose of her explicit language prior to posting. I could understand her frustration and in need of expressing her depression, anxiety, divorce and other health issues. She’s not the first nor the last. Life goes on. Be fortunate of what you have and keep moving forward. The worst thing to do is cry for attention. Be more productive. And definitely not hold anyone back from being happy, especially when they’re helping you, out of the kindness of their heart. Again you’re not the first nor the last to go through this. They’re people younger than you going through worse and are moving forward. Try not to be an inconvenience to others, it’s not all about you. You’ll be ok.

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