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What is Multiple Sclerosis? By the MS Society


In this video from the MS Society, learn more about what multiple sclerosis is.

“MS is a neurological condition most commonly diagnosed in people between the ages of 20 and 40.”

Learn more about MS here:

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One comment

  1. April says:

    Again…I truly wish everything wasn’t so focused on the one (most common) type of MS.
    It’s really misleading! Because when diagnosed with PPMS or even those with SPMS or PRMS – they could watch this thinking, “Oh great! There’s medications, treatments, therapies available to help me live a normal life!” However, that’s ONLY TRUE FOR RRMS diagnosis’s. It’s only true for Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis!! It’s NOT TRUE for any of the other types of MS.
    When your first diagnosed you are diagnosed with not just a “blanket diagnosis called multiple sclerosis”!! We’re each diagnosed with a TYPE of multiple sclerosis. Most being RRMS (80% or more) but the other 20% are diagnosed with different types of the disease. And it’s only right to cover that in a video or topic called, “What is Multiple Sclerosis?” and then explaining each type. That way we are ALL EDUCATED (truly educated!!) about MS and can then educate others around us. Explaining the type we have and the differences between the kinds. That to me is real education!! Not leaving out 20% of the demographic living with a type of MS that’s nothing like RRMS.
    I truly believe that there is so much confusion about MS because those living with MS are not educated properly about all types/forms. Many diagnosed (RRMS) don’t even know there are other forms/types. Much of that is due to the diagnosis process in itself! Most neurologist just give the patient their diagnosis (again, most are dx with RRMS) and they are not told about or encouraged to educate themselves about the other types of MS (having the mindset that : if it doesn’t concern nor affect them…why bother).

    It is hurtful to watch these videos as someone with a rare MS diagnosis. I have Malignant Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (otherwise known as Marbug Variant MS). Thankfully my type is very rare, it’s a highly aggressive form defined by its swift and relentless decline to significant disability often within a few weeks, months or a few years, after the onset of the initial attack. This rare form of MS takes a progressive form from the outset with acute attacks throughout and no relief from accumulated symptoms.
    I was diagnosed in mid August (13th) of 2011. I went from walking, to a cane, to a walker, to a wheelchair all within a 3 month period. Then moved into a custom wheelchair to support my neck, back, buttocks, legs. And now am 90% Bedridden in a medical bed at home (thankfully with my husband who’s a wonderful primary caregiver!!). I’m completely dependant on others to have showers in a chair in my bathtub. I’m also now an 8.5 on the EDSS (Expanded Disability Status Scale), with Lassitude (extreme fatigue – a separate diagnosis from just fatigued), dysphagia (swallowing) and on a mostly liquid (very soft foods for the most part). Also having Dysphasia (speech) issues, recently hearing loss in my right ear, horrible eyesight. I often have a hard time not just seeing but focusing my eyes..they have a mind of their own! My family will joke with me & say “I don’t know what eye to follow, or who your looking at ? (joking to keep me from being serious all the time…we try and make light of things happening/out of my control). Cognitive issues are exacerbating and one of the worst things has been my coccydynia (which has me unable to “sit”). I have to lean on my hips really – going from side to side (thus causing me pain in my hips) & finally spinal cord atrophy which is specific for PPMS.
    I often find myself quoting a saying I said a few times & it’s now developed into my personal slogan “I may be Alive, but I’m far from Living”. Now others in my PPMS Support Group have adopted my saying & passed it around to others dealing from this “hell hole of MS”. This MonSter we live with day in and day out.
    YES!..even people with MS don’t know there’s different forms/types and we aren’t all diagnosed and/or treated medically the same.
    It’s a roller coaster – that’s for sure!
    And truthfully as much as I like this encouraging piece….I have a difficult time relating to it. I truly feel like my “storm” will go on and on (as it has the past 4 years with no plateau) and the darkness won’t end for me until the Lord in His mercy, finally calls me home.

    I just hope that people will read this and if you have MS – PLEASE, get educated first on the type of MS you have and then educate yourself on the other types. So that you can then TRULY pass on accurate information to others and then the world might start to understand that Multiple Sclerosis is diagnosed with different types/forms and they all have differing treatments – to NO treatments at all

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