My Journey to Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis


“I was nervous about uploading a video discussing my condition because I didn’t want people knowing.

I thought that if people found out they would pity me and feel sorry or say that I just want attention, but then I realized that feeling that way would defeat the entire purpose of this trial.

Whatever you are going through, there’s hope and a God who cares. Just have faith and persevere. God bless you all!”

Learn more about multiple sclerosis here:

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  1. Eddie Nash says:

    There is a treatment that stops MS.
    Reset her autoimmune system with HSCT.
    This is a FDA approved trial.
    Hundreds have had it and IT WORKS
    My wife had CIDP the cousin to MS.
    IT STOPPED IT. Do not believe the doctors that say DRUGS are the answer:
    We are believers in our Savior as you are.
    We prayed and he led us to Dr Richard K. Burt in Chicago
    Ask to join tell them Eddie Nash sent you

  2. Richie says:

    Hello guys. I’m truly sorry about her diagnose. I do understand eating healthy but we don’t really know if that works. It makes you feel better but so does cheeseburger deluxe. We don’t know what causes it & for someone who’s in Med School, he should know that HSCT is the closest to a cure that’s available. Do we need to discuss this?

  3. Elizabeth McGuigan says:

    Hi I’m a MS survivor, thanks be to God. At 64 and diagnosed 25+ years ago. I am becoming healthier through Walker walking or , two cane walking and swimming and stretching every day. I am so thankful for my daily walk with Jesus who has guided my steps And Helps me to grow in faith ,in patience in ,trust and love. No fear.

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