What Do You Do When Life Gives You a Second Chance?


In this TEDxBucharest talk, meet Miguel Castillo.

Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) was the trigger for him to rethink his life, to question what he wants and how he treats himself.

He thinks your body never lies to you, it tries to communicate with you, Maybe we should listen better, maybe we should educate ourselves on how to be healthy and maybe we need moments of stillness to reflect. What would you do if life gave you a second chance?

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at the age of 19 and being condemned to a wheelchair for life, Miguel discovered that his dream of being an astronaut contained a secret to returning the feeling back to his body.

In only one and a half years, he found a solution to defeat his paralysis, and a few years later he joined NASA. In the 12 years that Miguel has remained MS-free, he has understood why he developed that illness: not following his dreams.

Now, Miguel teaches others how achieve the “impossible”, and that “feeling the universe” is the next step in human evolution.

Learn more about multiple sclerosis here: http://bit.ly/1PBLn0c

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  1. Shasha says:

    I agree. I need no gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO…take vitamins/good oils/minerals…probiotic…LDN..detoxing which helps my MS. Organic helps/coconut oil hurts/fish oil helps etc. Yes…stress uses up B vitamins and zinc and a Celiac person is already low in these due to gluten hurting the intestines so less nutrients absorb.

    MS maybe switch sides and come back to the same location. My MS is due to low oxygen in the brain. Th2 foods also hurt me or too high of Th1 foods/supplements. Celiac caused my MS. I needed to detox heavy metals I built up since my liver was not working well. I needed to eat pure organic foods/vegetables. I ate lots of gluten/dairy/sugar and was low in protein when my MS started. Gluten can be like Heroin and sugar like cocaine so people may over eat it. I didn’t eat meat hardly and now it clogs my blood vessels now. Fish oil, Vit C, Vit D3, Zinc and more are very important. I was high in Cu when my MS started. Gluten made antibodies to my thyroid lowering oxygen burning in mitochondria. Gluten made less nutrients absorb in my intestines and hurt stomach acid/intrinsic factor in the stomach also. A probiotic is very important…since it makes B vitamins/Vit K and helps detox.

    I eat much different now and different lifestyle. God made a radical change in my life/work/marriage/way I ate/lack of exercise/inside too much out of the sunlight etc. I worked 90 hours a week and had much stress when my MS started and I had two babies in a row that drained vitamins/good oils out of me…then thyroid went down due to gluten and MS started. I had much depression due to low oxygen in my brain. Now I know depression/anxiety/no sleep/obsessing/panic/suicidal thoughts are due to low oxygen in the brain.

    The body/brain is alive. We are not robots…need to take care of needs for real food..no processed/junk food and real sunlight/real exercise/real sleep etc. I did not sleep for 30 years and just kept pushing myself. I now need to rebuild my adrenals which help the immune system/stress/energy/mood/sleep/swelling and much more. Vit B12 methylcobalamin daily shot and adrenal help and Lyme help (got Lyme recently) are helping me sleep finally after 30 years of just laying there. I just pushed my self to get through the day until I burned out. A person can try to be “superman”, but it hurts them..eventually chronic stress hurts and untreated Celiac destroys brain/body/all glands/cells/health. Being “nice and kind” to ourselves is needed. We are a living thing…like a car…need to take care of it. I can’t eat “donuts” only and think my body/brain will be ok. I hardly eat since food hurt me. I didn’t know I was Celiac. I only felt well when I didn’t eat. Eventually I didn’t know what to eat until a friend explained to me about gluten which is hidden in many foods. Now GMO corn may also hurt the gut lining like gluten. Antibiotics/Lyme etc may hurt the gut lining. I went one year eating popcorn/apples/pretzels mostly…not good. God took away the bad and gave me what is best in food now. I need to be very strict in how I eat. I wish I had know I was Celiac since birth since maybe I could have avoided a crash in health and my thyroid/MS from happening.

    MS people can heal. The Asian/Celiac diet and LDN to help block hidden gluten keeps me going strong. I need regular detoxing and still need supplements. Some people may eat no grains…Paleo and are doing well. Best wishes.

  2. Steven Carr says:

    Fantastic talk, to check the right food for the person, where, how is this cheaply and easily achieved? I was in a bad place having been diagnosed 5yrs ago with primary MS in the UK I have now moved to Mallorca for peace, sun and a stress free life. But not eating as well as I should, any advise greatly received. Many thanks Steve

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