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#CONy16 Exclusive Interview with Professor Amos Korczyn, Co-Chairperson


Multiple Sclerosis News Today correspondent conducts an exclusive interview with Professor Amos Korczyn, CONy’s 2016 Co-Chairperson. Here are some bullet points from the interview;

  • CONy is different from other conference formats because it encourages questions and debate
  • Pro/Con debates are the best way to expose weaknesses, which in turn lead to a better learning of new developments
  • Opposing views make researchers question their own work, forcing them to verify or disprove their findings
  • Further exploration of the role of B cells and T cells in MS
  • Over the counter treatments such as Vitamin D
  • Motor and cognitive changes in MS
  • Exploring the concept of NEDA – No evidence of disease activity
  • Looking for new drugs which prevent relapse and halt progression of MS
  • Learning from leaders in the field

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