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Multiple Sclerosis: Life is Short


“You don’t truly understand how important your neurologist is until he is gone… forever. Rest in peace, Dr. Howard Rossman. My next neurologist has some mighty large shoes to fill.”

Learn more about multiple sclerosis:

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  1. Maris says:

    I’ve been through that ?. My second one was good, but has since retired ?. I’ve seen my new one only twice and he didn’t quite remember me the second time ?. I hope it improves.

    I’m independent about things like that, but it does make me feel a bit insecure ?.

    Good luck,

  2. Maris Mohr says:

    My first neuro died after almost 12 years with me. It was sad and shocking. He was replaced by another Dr. who was also excellent. She recently retired. That was very sad for me, happy for her. It shakes up my security. My latest Dr. didn’t remember me at my recent (2nd) visit. That made me really insecure. I hope he turns out OK.


  3. shanna says:

    You are so lucky to have a decent one. My first was a morally bankrupt, soulless whatever. Current one is just there. I quickly learned I do not need one except for the paperwork.

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