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5 Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Options


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There are no specific therapies that can effectively cure patients with multiple sclerosis. However, there are a number of multiple sclerosis treatment options, particularly for the relapsing-remitting form of the disease. The two basic multiple sclerosis treatment approaches necessary in every treatment regimen are:

  1. Immunomodulation therapies which can control the inflammation of myelin sheaths and help in restoring the central nervous system.
  2. Supportive therapies to take care of the symptoms and exacerbations, so as to help the patient lead as normal a life as possible, even with MS.
  3. Some common medications prescribed to MS patients for immunomodulation therapy include Interferon beta-1a (administered intramuscularly) and Interferon beta-1b (injected subcutaneously), Natalizumab and Mitoxandron (administered intravenously).
  4. Emergency medications to treat exacerbations include intravenous immunoglobulins or plasmapheresis.
  5. Acute relapses can be treated with methylprednisolone and aggressive forms of MS can be treated with cyclophosphamide, which can stabilize the condition.

Learn more about this therapies here:

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    • Shasha says:

      Hi, I need no gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO…vitamins/good oils/minerals…LDN..detoxing which helps more nutrients absorb in my intestines/helps my immune system work right and lowers swelling/inflammation. Best wishes.

    • daan says:

      Immunomodulation supposedly control the inflammation (the autoimmune atack) and this leaves time for the nerves to regenerate by themselves. I said supposedly because no one knows, the neuroscientists applied a trial-and-error approach with these immunomodulation therapies. Let’s see the next generations of drugs, which seem to not apply the same tactic of wait and see what happens..

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