Managing Cog Fog – Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

In this Strength in Numbers video, MS LifeLines Ambassador Heidi shares her own personal story about her experiences with cognitive issues and offers advice for other sufferers.

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  1. Michael Schutz says:

    I understand the cog fog issues comma but it’s hard to explain 2 family that just don’t get it or understand. They get frustrated with me I get frustrated with them and it just ends up not being good.

  2. Cindy Haines says:

    I have rrms. I was diagnosed in 2001. I had occasional brain fog until I fell and hit my head this past September. I got a concussion which caused more brain fog. In conversation I know what I want to say but some other word will come out. I also just stop in middle of sentence & can’t remember what I was even talking about! This is driving me insane! I was on Betaseron for 5yrs developed a skin reaction. Mydr changed me to copaxone which I had a horrible allergic reaction. I am not on anything now but have to choose because I now have active spots on my cervicle and spine that is affecting my arms & legs. I have 2 mri’s next week. I will decide with my neurologist on which treatment to choose depending on my mri’s. Are there any safe oral meds? I feel stuck!

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