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The Museum of Multiple Sclerosis


In this Novartis video, learn more about the first ever Museum of MS to celebrate how the amazing people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) overcome the challenges in their daily lives brought on by multiple sclerosis symptoms.

“In donating everyday items to the museum that have personal significance, they are marking their own journey with MS and their individual successes.”

Learn more about multiple sclerosis here:

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  1. Stephen Harris says:

    i am so tired of the “it gets better,” story. it doesn’t get better, it gets slowly worse and worse. let’s tell the truth about ms – it is a very poorly understood, untreatable, incurable, progressive neurological disease that often leads to severely diminished physical and mental capacity. stop telling the world that if we just try harder and adopt a positive attitude, everything will be just fine. ms is a horrible, often crippling disease that robs people of their future. the parade of cheerful smiling faces are not the common reality. why do i never see myself in these little videos?

  2. Stephen Harris says:

    i’m going to donate the car i can’t drive, the hiking boots i can’t use, the various canes and braces that don’t work for me any more. i’m going to donate the career i used to have, the friendships i used to have, the activities i used to engage in, the marriage that fell apart. i’m going to donate the real honest face of ms.

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