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MedDay’s MD1003, a Biotin Shows ‘Remarkable’ Efficacy in Treating Inactive but Progressive MS in Clinical Trials  


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The biotechnology company MedDay, recently disclosed full study results from the MS-SPI and MS-ON Phase 2b/3 trials of its drug product MD1003 in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Specifically, the trials included people with “not active” progressive MS and those with either relapsing or progressive MS and visual loss, respectively. Data presented at the recent American Academy of Neurology 2016 Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada, demonstrated better efficacy in reversing disease progression than a drug has previously achieved in not-active progressive MS.

Learn more about MD1003 here:

Read full article here:

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  1. Shasha says:

    Yes…Biotin 5000mcg is awesome help. I get it from Amazon. It helps circulation in my toes and gets Krebs cycle working in mitochondria which makes energy for the cells. I need many vitamins/good oils/minerals/probiotic…LDN..detoxing and eating no gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO which lowers swelling/inflammation and helps more nutrients absorbed and more.

  2. Patricia says:

    The efficacy of this article is something that sounds like nonsense. What’s all this talk; active progressive MS, Non active progressive MS, Relapsing progressive MS, & non progressive MS? It seems labels for this disease appear from no where & there is so much back & forth with the “progressive” word you need a cryptologist to understand the information you are feeding us. I’m not being rude just being truthful. So far I’ve heard so many reasons that MAY be the cause & effect of getting MS it makes my head spin. So now “bioten” which is vitamin H from what I can decifer from this & other articles MAY stop the progression?? How is THAT outcome decided? What about the non progressive group? How do you know if this bioten is working for them?
    This is the reason why so many of us are frustrated & get angry. I know I feel used. I took requip which made me feel worse all the time & did nothing else. Then into Tysarbi which made the JC virus positive in my bloodstream with a high titer BUT I really can’t get a clear answer to what that means for me?? You get answers from which you would think you’re talking to a politician! Listen, I’m just sayin.

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