14 Celebrity Ambassadors for the MS Cause


Courtney Galiano


“Actress and Dancer Courtney Galiano participated in Season 7 tour of So You Think You Can Dance in 2010. Despite feeling some numbness in the lower half of her body, Courtney continued to dance through it. It wasn’t until a year later that she sought help for the symptoms.

Courtney was diagnosed with MS in 2012. Since her diagnosis, Courtney has filmed episodes of Glee and VH1’s Hit the Floor, danced with Al Pacino in the movie Stand Up Guys, and performed in Dancing with the Stars and Hair, among several other dance and acting opportunities.

Courtney started her own dance convention called The BEAT just before her diagnosis. She and her brother teamed up with the National MS Society following her diagnosis to start The BEAT MS, a foundation that raises money for the National MS Society through a yearly Dance Walk event in Los Angeles, CA.”

source: National MS Society


Back in April, the National MS Society Invested $25.3M to Support 60 New Research Projects.

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  1. Donna Shelker says:

    I have been to three MS Seminars in St. Louis /St. Charles, Missouri were Clay Walker and his band performed after the seminar. One time I was chosen to meet him in person prior to the seminar and have a picture taken with him. He tells his story about his MS, tells jokes and other funny stories. His band is great and they travel all over by bus spreading his story about MS and is very motivational. Very enjoyable show. Thanks Clay Walker. 🙂

  2. Donna Shelker says:

    I met Teri Garr at a seminar in St. Louis in the early 2000’s a few years after I was diagnosed with MS. She told her story say that her gait was really bad at the beginning before she was diagnosed, and many people thought she was always drunk. She was very motivational, funny. Afterwards, she met with each person at the seminar and they got their picture taken with her and received a copy of her book. Teri Garr made me laugh because I have some of the same MS symptoms she spoke about. I can now laugh about them or make a joke about it when they occur when I’m out in the public. Thanks Teri, for making me laugh. I would love it if Teri would come back to St. Louis, Missouri, again in the future.

  3. Mary Conran Smith says:

    Thank you for bringing awareness
    About MS to people ( too many)
    That don’t understand what people like me go thru! 56, wife, mom,
    Grandma, daughter, sister, and friend. I have kept HOPE in my
    Heart and soul during my awful
    Battle going on 21 years! ❤️

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