15 Multiple Sclerosis Tattoos that Will Inspire You


Here are 15 multiple sclerosis (MS) tattoos that will inspire you.


Learn more about how Shemar Moore supports his mother, who has multiple sclerosis, while also helping MS research.

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  1. Valeria Gaither says:

    If one only knew the struggles that we, MSers face in life, if one only realize that a drs verification of our disability is required before we are given a handicap tag or placard,if one could be more sensitive to the needs of people with disabilities. When it looks like we don’t need disability preference, say thank you Jesus as we say so many times in our journey, because one have not a clue of what it has taken to get to the point of not looking like we’re disabled. Stay encouraged and know that God is keeping us in all that we go thru.

  2. jumpy says:

    Being that MS is most likely caused by something in the body that should not be there, to introduce more abnormal material into the body by promoting a Tattoo seems very negligent and irresponsible. Not even a good move for a healthy person!

      • jumpy says:

        Your reply indicates a lack of understanding the word “autoimmune”.
        Numerous recent studies and new treatments point to the fact that MS and other autoimmune diseases trigger like a allergic reaction causing inflammation, then causing the system to attack the host as well as the intruding entity.
        To inject anything into the skin or body is taking a risk of causing a reaction. Many MS patients have injection site reactions to the medication given for MS and other problems.
        Also injecting anything into the skin/body of a perfectly health person can cause cancers and other problems over a long period of time.
        Just common sense on that one, as well as many cancer studies have proven about food coloring and other dies.

  3. Corisa says:

    We MSers can’t stop living life because of a diagnosis. Just like any person who chooses to get a tattoo. And, it isn’t from something in our bodies that doesn’t belong. Our immune system attacks our nervous system. If you don’t agree with people having tattoos, why are you looking at them? And, my kids have MS tattoos to support their mother. I think these tattoos are beautiful. Awesome ideas.

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