Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis



Our columnist, Ian Franks, recently talked about how stem cell clinics are proliferating in the U.S., and concerns are being raised that these clinics are often operating and making claims beyond those allowed by the country’s public health regulatory agency, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In this video from Swiss Medica, learn more about how stem cells can be used as a treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Here are 9 Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) articles you must read.

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One comment

  1. I last week had eight placental stem cell injections into my lumbar. At this point in time, also one week into an HCG 45 day diet (500 calories & 80 oz water)…have more MS symptoms. Desperate to reduce lower back pain (result of BP complication (after an LP). Ins does NOT pay. On disability income, Aetna approves nothing Neuro submits (deemed “experimental”). Glad the dropped from Obamacare this week, need IVIG approved. B worse after 5 days of IV steroids (40 lb weight gain). Affected skin too. Had I researched, would NEVER have agreed. Drs have done NOTHING for me in 12 yrs of 24/7, head-to-toe pain. So you get desperate & finance $6k when no ability to pay it back. *Another stem cell company said placental stem cells are illegal. Body can reject and you can DIE. Should only do your OWN stem cells. Which is what I believe needs injected into my cerebral fluid. Happy to be a science experiment for other’s benefit. NOT suicidal but I welcome death. Pray God takes me HOME every day. If legal to medically take my life, would do say. Save govt $2k month. Children get my life ins. BTW bought insurance at CitiMtg when still employed, told would never go up. $120k, when disabled was only & $20+ monthly…now goes up every year (age 57). My son now pays $112 monthly w/ him being beneficiary. All INS such a scam. Patients get NO CARE if on Medicare as primary though we pay dearly for secondary insurance and it approves nothing for MS.

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