11 Multiple Sclerosis Facts You Should Know About

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Inspired by information available from the website You Don’t Know Jack About MS, here are 11 interesting and important facts about multiple sclerosis (MS).

shutterstock_1438464791. MS can be unpredictable and people may experience the disease in different ways — with different symptoms and with different ranges of severity.

While MS patients experience symptoms that are physically and mentally debilitating, it is also common for patients to be faced with a lack of understanding or knowledge about the disease from others.

shutterstock_297595064 (1)2. What causes MS is largely unknown, but researchers believe that a combination of factors including processes related to the immune system and genetics may be involved.


3. MS is currently not curable, but there are several treatments available that can help patients.


5. MS can occur at any age but most people are diagnosed between 20 and 50 years old. 

Emotional health is important when battling any illness, including multiple sclerosis (MS). Despite this, sometimes the benefits of emotional health are overlooked by healthcare providers.

shutterstock_2244357196. About two-thirds of MS patients are able to walk.

shutterstock_3842796497. It’s common for patients to experience significant and chronic pain with MS but there are ways to manage the pain.

“In one study, 55% of patients had “clinically significant pain” at some time, and almost half (48%) were troubled by chronic pain.”

Can cannabinoid chewing gum treat multiple sclerosis pain and spasticity?


8. Many MS patients continue working, even years after being diagnosed.

9. Exercise is a key to managing some MS symptoms.

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