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Multiple Sclerosis: Ann Romney

Multiple Sclerosis: Ann Romney

Ann Romney Quote on Multiple Sclerosis

Ann Romney, the wife of past presidential candidate Mitt Romney, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998. Since then, she has been through more than most healthy people could handle. Now a busy grandmother, she is going strong as an advocate for MS. In this multiple sclerosis quote, Ann Romney shares how the disease can slow you down nearly to a complete halt.


Multiple Sclerosis quote Ann Romney


This USA TODAY profile on Ann Romney states that despite tremendous advances in medication, doctors still don’t know why the early stage of MS can wax and wane so much, and why some people with MS end up debilitated within a few years while others can continue to thrive for decades.

In an interview for the Today Show, Ann Romney told Maria Shriver, “With MS you just run out of fuel. You just stop. You can’t even go on. You can’t even talk.”

Ann has volunteered for an MS study with 2000 participants. Clinical studies for Multiple Sclerosis are breaking new ground every day. For more information on MS clinical trials, follow along on Pinterest.


Multiple Sclerosis News is strictly a news and information website about the disease. It does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

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  1. Robert Rafferty says:

    This women has absolutely NO idea what people with chronic illness go through.

    She has all the money in the world and just hires to solve her problems while the rest of us have no choices…

    I am such and tired of seeing actors, the wealthy, public figures… Coming out to support there cause when the ONLY time the public sees them is at there best.

    She has an elevator in her garage, I can’t even make the stairs down from my apartment, yes MY APARTMENT, lost my home to people like her husband when I became disabled and waited and waited for benefits to start…

    Please don’t promote this women as someone who understands.


    • Sandra C. Gathings says:

      You must be suffering greatly. Although strangers, please understand that I and others do care, even if challenges and circumstances are different from those you are experiencing.

      Mrs. Romney has brought attention to, and marshalled resources for, Multiple Sclerosis. Personally, I am grateful for the research and treatments that could lead to better outcomes for all who live with this idiosyncratic disease. Having battled RRMS (and other illnesses) for more than 45 years, I can relate to your frustration. Never lose hope.

      Let’s applaud and support Ann Romney as she speaks out to encourage others.

    • Lynne W. says:

      I agree with Robert. If Ann Romney has MS at all, it certainly is a very mild form. When I saw her during her husband’s campaign walking and going up and downstairs time after time, she seemed just fine. If she really knew what running out of fuel is, she would not be able to walk with the ease of an able-bodied person the way she does… not with the MS I know and live with! I think she should just stay out of the public limelight and drop the idea of being a spokesperson and advocate of MS. MS is a very serious disease thay leaves us with multiple problems. I’m sorry, but I cannot take this woman seriously.

      • Paulette says:

        Your comment reminds me of a quote I saw ” You don’t look sick,” the response is “you don’t look stupid”. appearances are deceiving-she has brought attention to this disease, I for one am thankful for that.

  2. Harry Crawford says:

    All of us normal MS patients are always fighting an uphill battle. The FDA fights against us on a daily basis. Why it takes so long to approve a new med for a disease that is very time sensitive is beyond me. Other countries have tested and used stem cell on many patients for years with unbeleivable success but that’s not enough evidence to approve it here. The FDA is nothing more than a pharmaceutical advocate organization. Ocrelizumab has been through trials over a year now and the FDA still hasn’t approved it. I guess Roche doesn’t have enough money to get it “fast tracked”. Which is also a FDA joke. Fast track,ya right. Other countries have done all the research and trials and now use the stem cell procedure on a regular basis at a reasonable cost but that’s not good enough for the FDA. Dr.Burt from Northwestern U is even the same doctor doing the research in the other countries. Wow what a waste of tax payers money”FDA”.and Obama care being affordable. Ya right. I pay over $600 a month for nearly worthless insurance just to get my meds. That almost half of my disabily pay. Affordable my behind. And it doesn’t cover anything out of state or experimental. My MS has reached a stage that the regular meds aren’t working anymore so i guess that’s that. We need Obama to pay for his own insurance on a disabled persons budget and see if he thinks it’s affordable then. I love my country but our government has no reality in it what so ever. No thanks for the”change”.

    • Robert Rafferty says:

      Harry, perfectly stated and exactly the point I was making in a sarcastic way,

      Ann Romney has the power and influence and the physical strength to bend the ears of Washington as well as her husband to raise our voices. Of course I would never wish this upon anyone, I know the stigma, I’ve lived it!
      I know she has stresses and struggles and that it IS all relative. I had reacted as i had just as the general public is even more judgemental …

      My intention was never to offend just to start a spark ????

  3. Mary says:

    Robert, I’m very sorry that your life has been so negatively impacted by MS. Mrs. Romney has RR, not PP or SP. Mrs. Romney is in remission from breast cancer and lives every day with the same debilitating disease you and I have called MS. Due to her financial circumstances, she does have access to the best possible care and services. She seems to be grateful for that. However, she lives with the same bone crushing fatigue, scary relapses, and the psychological fear of becoming blind or possibly living her life in a wheelchair. No amount of money can take away those things. I hope the millions of dollars the Romneys have contributed toward MS research will help people like you and me. The goal is to ultimately find a way to put this terrible disease into remission. I think she is a great spokesperson towards that goal. Please contact The National MS Society in your area to see if they can make suggestions on obtaining services that may improve the quality of your life. Respectfully, Mary

    • Robert Rafferty says:

      Respectfully back at you Mary!

      If you view my response to Harry above, I think you are 100% correct, and understand the approach I was taking.
      Have a great weekend!

  4. Ali Blobs says:

    Interesting to read all this – the message that comes through in all is that a cure, and /or effective treatment is needed now – position wealth and access to treatment should be equal for all but we need to stick together to gather the strength to get the message out there and heard across countries and continents!

    • Harry Crawford says:

      The treatment has already been found. The problem is the FDA. They are more worried about how it’s gonna affect the pharmaceutical companies than how it would help virtually hundreds of thousands of MS patients desperately needing the procedure or specific meds. Read the blogs from around the world. You’ll see that HSCT is not only accepted but is working miracles everywhere but here because of the FDA. It’s an absolute shame how one government organization can basically make the decision on our quality of life and very possibly our lives all together, considering their flagrant disregard to our well being. Its all a money thing here in the US. It really is a bummer. I love my country but its leaders and organizations has little to be desired.

  5. Harry Crawford says:

    I don’t want to beat a dead horse here, but the answer has already been given. Although not all MS patients could take advantage of HSCT due to weakness in kidney and liver function of some, the majority could and would participate regardless of the possible dangers in order to live the best life possible while still here on earth. I applaud Mrs. Romney for her involvement, but we do need a very strong voice to fight the FDA. Hmmm maybe she could be that voice. I would do almost anything to get HSCT if it were affordable, again it’s been proven over and over in many other non-money driven countries. Come on America get on the right track. Stop the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA from ruining our ability to have a better life. By the way I wasnt kidding about Mrs.Romney being a strong voice. Being a breast cancer survivor shows she has what it would take. STOP THE FDA FROM STOPPING MANY FROM GETTING BETTER!!!!

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