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The countdown is on to ECTRIMS 2016 where myriad interesting topics associated with multiple sclerosis will take center stage.

This year, Multiple Sclerosis News Today will offer daily follow-up coverage of the 2016 annual European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) congress to be held Sept. 14 – 17, in London.

For now, we’ve posted a few congress topics and some MS related news stories for you to catch up on.


1. The role of B cells in MS


The role of B cells in MS will be a hot topic this year. Researchers will be explaining their studies and looking into the future of B cells. S. Hauser, from San Francisco, will present “Clinical trials and role of B-cell depletion therapy in relapsing-remitting MS.”

Read more about how the MS therapy Tecfidera might exert its actions by increasing certain B-cells

2. Physical activity and rehabilitation


Exercise and rehabilitation will always be an important subject when it comes to MS, this year will be no exception. F. Boesen from Haslev, Denmark, will present “Effects on health-related quality of life from multidisciplinary rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis: a randomized controlled trial — the Danish MS hospitals rehabilitation study.”

Read more about an MS trial that can improve physical activity and lower fatigue.

3. MS care (optimization)


Patient care is ever-evolving, and there will be workshops and presentations explaining how this area can be improved upon. G. Edan, Rennes, France, will present “The initial treatment of early active relapsing-remitting MS should be with a potent induction therapy rather standard immunomodulation then escalation.”

Read more about this Comprehensive Care in MS and Managing Systems session from CMSC16 earlier this year.

4. Bone marrow transplants and stem cell therapy


Stem cell therapy is big news in many chronic illnesses, and the congress is likely to focus on the subject heavily. G.L. Mancardi from Genoa, Italy, will present “Bone marrow transplantation is a justifiable treatment for active relapsing multiple sclerosis.”

Read more about how aggressive stem cell therapy stops MS relapses in clinical trial.

5. Remyelination


Presentations will include findings from studies into promoting remyelination. C. Lubetzki, Paris, France, will lead the teaching course “Models of myelination and remyelination to identify potential therapeutic cues.”

Discover more about how umbilical blood-derived cell therapy promotes remyelination in mice. 

6. Imaging


An ever-changing field, imaging is a fast moving science — improvement can only help advance the diagnosis process for MS patients. B. Stankoff, Paris, France, will present “PET imaging of cellular and molecular abnormalities in MS.”

Discover how the combined use of imaging techniques allows scientists to peer into myelin formation.

7. MS registries


Sharing big data can help in improving prognosis for MS patients.

Can big data lead to better MS outcomes? Discover more about this.

8. Gut microbiota


Gut microbiota is increasingly being seen an important environmental risk factor for multiple sclerosis.

Discover how gut microbiota is a growing focus of MS research, although there are few treatments available – for now. 

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