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Spencer’s MS Story: Waiting 17 Years for an Accurate Diagnosis


Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) can be very difficult to deal with, but even worse is living with the disease for 17 years before being diagnosed–which is exactly what happened to Spencer.

Did you know that there are some less common signs of MS you might not know about? Here are eight of them.

Even though he had been experiencing symptoms since his late 20s, Spencer wasn’t diagnosed with multiple sclerosis for 17 years. In this video shared by metaspencer on his YouTube account, Spencer shares his full story: how he got diagnosed, what the early, persistent symptoms were,  and the entire journey from first signs until he finally got diagnosed.

Wondering if you know enough about multiple sclerosis? Here are six quick facts about MS that might interest you.

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  1. Mary Holmstrand says:

    I love Spencer’s story and I love the fact that he has decided to wait on taking any of the drugs. I too had the same experience with 3 neurologist pushing meds and delivering a scare tatic that I would get worse without the meds. I just dont believe that. Meds are “decoys” for your immune system with only the need to be 30% effective to get passed by the FDA. 70% it wont work. Just does not add up plus the horrible side effects. Is there not a better answer after 50+ years of studying these diseases? Im too gonna follow my gut and faith; no meds but good supplements, clean diet, excercise, positive attitude, decrease stress—more like type B vs my type A personality. And declaring that I’m already healed.

  2. Ilja Aussems says:

    Dear Spencer,
    It took me 13 years before I got the diagnosis of MS. Most of the things you told are recognizable. No meat (I’m eating Some fish sometimes) is important and regularly omving helpster me too. Bye, Ilja

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