MS Breakthrough Drug’s FDA Approval Halted Until Spring


This video from Fox News is all about a new breakthrough drug which may help patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Early data suggests new B-cell therapy could allow for rapid dosing. Find out more.

As we learn in the video, there are approximately 2.3 million people in the world who suffer from MS. The hosts, along with the chairwoman of Race to Erase MS, talk about a new potential drug that works by suppressing the B-cells and encouraging remyelination. The drug will particularly help patients with the more aggressive form of the disease: primary progressive MS.

The FDA has yet to approve the drug, but hopefully it’ll be approved soon and available for MS patients in the spring.

Jack Osbourne talks about his multiple sclerosis diagnosis. 

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    • Herman Hughes Jr says:

      My name is Herman Hughes Jr and I have PPMS,and would like to know the name of the knew drugs for me please!

  2. Georgia Barone says:

    I would love to learn more about any help, medication, and any thing positive conserning Ms. Anything helping find a cure, I’m looking for answers.Please help.

  3. ROBERT LAGE says:

    I would love to learn about this new medication myself.I would like to see it work also.Thanks everyone that is there for us who suffer.You guy’s are such a blessing from the lord that’s for sure ???

  4. Michelle Barss says:

    Hi, my name is Michelle and I have MS. I live in Port Huron Michigan.

    I have had MS since 1989 when I was diagnosed with Optical Neuritis and having an MRI confirming MS. I have had typical ups and downs one experiences with MS however in 2015 my right leg decided nope, you’re not going to drive anymore so there goes your Independence right off the bat. Due to fatigue and barely being able to walk I can’t work at a normal 9 to 5 job so have to figure out how I can do a job at home so decided I’ll try to sell some of my cool photographs and make a little money for myself and give 10% of each sale or something like that to contribute to the research for the Cure already for MS. I have to get a website for the photos, not quite sure who to use for that task or (WIX, GoDaddy, etc). I have a one part done, domain name. Ideas welcome❤

  5. Linda Onan says:

    Hello my name is Linda and I live in Kentucky. Like many of us that have had MS long-term I long to hear the words remylination used in regards to MS Therapies. It is my best hope to regain many of the functions that are no longer available to me. I used to take for granted that I could run, I don’t anymore. I used to take to for granted that I could jump or that I could mount a horse and ride for 8 hours a day and never blink an eye, I no longer do. I used to take the granted that I felt like a woman and a wife to my husband, I no longer do. Please give me back these simple things I used to take for granted that I no longer do. For each and every MS user I’m sure that this list can be multiplied by 100. Research that develops a new therapy like the one this article is about is our best and only hope of getting back the things we used to take for granted. Please help. I’ve taken too much for granted and I want it back! Linda.

  6. Rosemary Ann Bevers says:

    hi,my name is rose,from sutton, diagnosed in 1998,in my late 40’s and am now wheelchairbound,the legs have gone!Hoping this drug could help with easing chonic inflammation etc.Good luck to all those who have chance to receive it.Rose.

  7. Ken Ballock says:

    Hi my name is Kenny. My wife Lisa was diagnosed with MS in 1995. She had to leave her job in 2004. I was able to collect ss in 2012 when she really was not able to walk any more. She went through all of the treatments and is now on Tecfidera since 2013. We don’t know if it is helping or not but are afraid to stop it. she has lost all ability to function and has no strength especially on her right side. She can’t stand anymore. I’m going to ask her Dr about ocrevus….

    • tim wick says:

      Me too.How do we know if its working or not in my case i dont think so 240mg twice a day since 2010 on tecfidera I just went yesterday for mri and labs to see whats going on and to see if this new stuff is any better and i can take it (ocrevus ) its infusion for 4 hours then return in 2 weeks for the same then back in 6 months (twice a year )the sales prop claims alot including in some cases some reversal of some issuses who knows could be maybe but best to you and your wife

      • Jeannette says:

        Hi Tim
        I also just had MRI’s last week and will talk to my Dr. about Ocrevous next week. Looks promising

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