MS Awareness Month: How You Can Help


March is MS Awareness Month, and while we should be raising awareness all year round, it’s a good reminder to get more involved in the community and help out in whatever ways we can. Every little bit helps. Awareness results in more fundraising efforts, which means more dollars, which means more research, and eventually, hopefully, that means finding a cure.

If you’re struggling with what you can to help raise awareness, we’ve put together some great ideas to get you started.

Get social

Social media is one of the best tools we have to spread awareness for any number of issues that we feel strongly about. To spread awareness for MS, this video is a great place to start, but you can also follow our Multiple Sclerosis News Today pages on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for other ideas.

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One comment

  1. Ella says:

    21 years and counting. No meds 18yrs post diagnosis, then a really nasty ‘doing over’ by the MS bastard so finally succumbed to Gilenya. Walk that middle path; and keep thinking everyone! Your mum neglecting to cold press you an organic kale smoothie when u were 3 did not do this ; your ethnicity could be anything- no family has ‘strong genes’ keeping them completely immune; worship or not at the wrong church; temple; mosque; totem pole has not influenced this diagnosis, please don’t use the good that is sometimes done in the name of faith as a cruel manipulation. Be good to each other! Meaning to sound slightly like a hippy, you are doing the best you can do while facing an unpredictable nightmare while still seeing the wonder.

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