Newly Diagnosed: You Are Not Alone on Your Journey

Whether you are a patient or a caregiver, it’s important to remember that you are not alone on this journey with multiple sclerosis (MS) and that others have been in your shoes. Here’s a collection of our columnists’ words that they would like to share to help guide, inspire, and encourage you.

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An Open Letter to a Newly Diagnosed Patient

Columnist John Connor shares a post he wrote to a newly diagnosed patient in the MS News Today forums. He found himself writing what he wished he’d known when he was first diagnosed.

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Reflections: A Letter to My Newly Diagnosed Self

Feeling nostalgic, as she does each year around the holidays, columnist Jennifer Powell writes an open letter to her newly diagnosed self in the past. She details all the ways her life has changed since her diagnosis, both the good and bad.

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5 Hacks to Help Manage Your Fatigue

Fatigue can be a debilitating symptom of MS. Columnist Jessie Ace lists five tips for conserving energy and getting through the day, including choosing priorities and simplifying cooking.

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Are You Having Trouble Paying for Your MS Medications?

If you’re having trouble paying for your MS medications, you’re not alone, writes columnist Ed Tobias. Many are finding it increasingly difficult to pay for MS medications; he offers some tips on what patients may be able to do to better afford their therapies.

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Why My Body Is Not My Adversary

Columnist Teresa Wright-Johnson says that despite her many health challenges, she and her body are in this life together. Through every pain and with every tear, her body is doing what it was designed to do.

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5 Ways to Let Go of the Stress

From meditative breathing to pausing your social media, columnist Jamie Hughes offers some helpful suggestions about how to de-stress. She hopes these tips will help others find themselves feeling better and more relaxed overall.

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