The MS News Today Podcast

Jennifer Powell, who has been living with secondary progressive MS for 11 years, hosts a series of conversations with those in the greater MS community.

Latest Podcasts

Dr. Susan Payrovi, Stanford physician with MS

Dr. Payrovi is the founder of TRUE Medicine, an online wellness program for multiple sclerosis. She practices integrative and functional medicine at Stanford’s Center for Integrative Medicine.

The inventor of the Neural Sleeve, Jeremiah Robison

Jenn talks with Jeremiah Robison, founder of Cionic and their FDA-cleared Neural Sleeve, the first product to combine sensing, analysis and augmentation into a wearable garment for mobility.

Dan and Jennifer Digmann, a couple takes on MS

Michigan couple Dan and Jennifer Digmann both have MS. Life with Dan’s RRMS and Jen’s SPMS can be tough, but so are the Digmanns. Listen in as they speak candidly with Jenn about marriage, navigating and overcoming obstacles, and how advocating for award-winning legislative change fueled a desire to help others do the same.