Jack Osbourne: How to Live a Healthier Multiple Sclerosis Lifestyle

In this You Don’t Know Jack About MS video, learn more about how Jack Osbourne reduces stress with yoga and helps manage his multiple sclerosis with healthy lifestyle choices and diet.

But can emotional health influence MS treatment outcomes?

“I like to say that MS is like a fingerprint: it’s unique to that person. I can’t tell anyone that the way I’m doing is the right way, because what I’m doing is working for me.”

Learn more about how Shemar Moore supports his mother, who has multiple sclerosis, while also helping MS research.

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  1. N/A says:

    We don’t all have the free time or money of J. Osborne. A good diet is batter for everyone – it will not necessarily do anything more beneficial for your MS compared to someone who does not have MS

  2. Kate says:

    I understand it may not be just any healthy diet that matters. See the book, Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis by George Jelinek. The diet in that seems to show results. He is a doctor who has it and his Mum had it too.

  3. Mary-jeanne Gosselin says:

    An MS diagnosis is devastating for anybody, but the outlook for people without financial resources, emotional support, and good medical care is grim. It is a rare privilege to be able to wake up in the morning, feed yourself the best foods, then take a nature walk–every day, like Jack Osborne.

    Most people with MS struggle every day to keep their jobs and health insurance while trying to maintain family, houses, cars, and finances. The added stress or normal living is a burden that Jack Osborne will never know.

    It is a shame Osborne has MS–I would not wish this upon anyone. But, do we really need advice from someone so privileged? I would rather see a video of Osborne’s MS activism–this is where he can help the most because of he and his family’s celebrity.

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